A Daltrey Always Pays His Debts

Templeton Pays Back The Dragon Turtle...

The fight on the bridge over the river to the Water Temple continued to rage on. Brenn shook off the fearful effects that One-Eyed Shiver had ensorcelled him with. The image of Renton Daltrey dressing him down for failing to protect his son Templeton was difficult to endure but he somehow managed to get the old imperious noble out of his head. Brenn sprinted forward and vaulted over a pair of reavers holding the bridge. Brenn flipped over the reavers whilst deftly blocking an attack by one of them with Oban, his enchanted shield, and parrying another with Macallan, his flame tongue longsword. He then closed to be face to face with the Shiver. Brenn slashed with Macallan and cut deep into the Shivers side making him pay for his spell dearly. Quintus pushed forward as well and began carving a swath through the reavers with his two handed greatsword and laying the blessing of Tempus upon them all.

A Fathomer then came out from around the corner and cast a fog cloud spell that engulfed everyone on the bridge and blocking Templeton and Puck from using their ranged attacks. Puck smartly quaffed his Flask of Bottled Breath which had been gifted to him by Ahtayir, the efreet. Puck was able to hold his breath but more importantly expel all the air at once to form a powerful gust of wind spell. Puck’s Gust of Wind blew the fog out to the sides of the bridge and cleared the way for all to see properly once more.


Badding used the opportunity to sweep in and engage more of the reavers, smashing them down with his fiery flail. Templeton’s crossbow bolts ripped through the cultists and Puck continued to deftly use his gust of wind to clear out the rest of the fog cloud. One-Eyed Shiver craftily disappeared using some sort of invisibility spell. Brenn called after him angrily calling him a coward. The party pressed forward and took out the last of the water cultists except for the Shiver who had seemingly escaped. Quintus used a spell called Beacon of Hope which maximized all healing magic. And then he said some prayers to Tempus and quickly healed the wounds of everyone in the party.

A quick conference was held regarding what to do next. Puck pushed for the elimination of the Dragon Turtle while the party was still strong. After what had befallen him at the webbed hands of the dragon turtle, Templeton needed little convincing. A plan was hatched to engage the beast and slay it. Badding and Quintus went to the Northwest of the underground lake in which the beast dwelt. Puck cast improved invisibility on Templeton and with Brenn, the three snuck down into the cultist room that overlooked the lake to the east. Templeton used a silent image spell to create the illusion of himself in the middle of the lake. Badding used a spell of his own to make the water swish about under the feet of the illusion to lure the dragon turtle to that spot.

It didn’t take long before a dark shape rose up from the lake and the dragon turtle’s huge jaws surfaced from the water and snapped shut on the illusory Templeton. With that queue, Templeton unleashed a deadly sneak attack with Sky Piercer and Badding hurled a javelin. The Dragon Turtle sank beneath the waters no longer fooled by the illusion so Brenn leaped out on to the water and ran across to the middle buoyed by the walk on water ritual Quintus had performed. He yelled out to Templeton as he ran, ‘You owe me for this Dalrety!’ Brenn readied an attack for the inevitable surfacing of the beast. But the attack never came. Instead the beast had tracked the javelin and moved up to attacked Quintus. It surfaced and smashed Quintus with its tail trying to hurl the priest away and knock him off his feet. Quintus just grimaced and held firm telling the Dragon Turtle he would have to better than that. But the beast submerged again and moved once more.

Again it did not take long as the creature surfaced to try and eat Brenn. The huge jaws closed around the brave fighter with a critical hit but the dragon turtle found the adamantine breast plate worn by Brenn not to his liking, however. As Brenn who was immune to critical hits from the expertly crafted armor was spit out of the beasts mouth with a nasty wound but it could have been much worse. Brenn countered by driving the tip of his sword deep into the soft connective tissue of the turtle’s shoulder and directed Templeton to fire. Somewhere hidden away Templeton fired Sky Piercer. Badding swooped in to attack from the flank and Quintus ran out on the water to lend the blessings of Tempus and his greatsword to the put the dragon turtle on the proper path… towards dead.

Everyone was encouraged until the Dragon Turtle unleashed his hot steam breath on Brenn, Badding, and Quintus. The three were burned badly but managed to stay up. Then just when Puck’s little legs had finally got him to a place where he could join the fight, he was surprised blasted by One-Eyed Shiver who suddenly appeared in an nearby hallway. A strange fear welled up inside of Puck as the Shiver’s spell took hold, but the resolute gnome shook off the effects and understood it was not real but a trick of illusion. Puck also heard some strange noises to the east and saw 4 fully healed aquatic trolls running towards him.


With tail sweeps and claws and bites, the dragon turtle left terrible wounds on both Brenn and Badding with Badding getting the worst of it. Brenn’s adamantine breastplate again saved him from a critical hit as the turtle closed his jaws around the fighter only to have them unable to puncture the unusually strong metal. Brenn, Badding, and Quintus hit the Dragon Turtle repeatedly with strong melee attacks and Brenn called in multiple missile strikes from Templeton but the huge creature refused to die. In fact it gathered up a huge gulp of air and belched out another blast of deadly steam. This time Badding caught it full in the face and fell to land on the water, his feathers and skin badly scorched. Puck got caught in it as well and was hurt do badly that he lost concentration on his improved invisibility spell on Templeton. With the spell broken, Templeton was now visible. Quintus called upon Tempus to bathe everyone in healing using a powerful 5th level mass cure wounds spell. This brought Badding back into the fight and kept Brenn from going down. Finally Badding stood up and brought his burning flail down hard on the head of the dragon turtle, caving it in. The dead turtle stopped moving and just went still floating on the surface of the water.

Everyone cheered in victory but it was short lived as they turned to face The Shiver and The Trolls who were bearing down on them.



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