Aerisi Falls

Windvane Claimed

The party decided to explore a passage leading out of the old mining room with the dwarf specters to the southwest. Templeton used his stealth to sneak down. He found a staircase leading up to a room filled with at least 3 minotaurs. The tunnel then ended in the same black smoke that was seen elsewhere. After a quick discussion it was decided that the minotaurs would be skipped. There was no sense in fighting them. We wanted to find the cultists.


Thinking that the cultists were most likely beyond the black mist, the party chose to go back to the room where the they battled the two giants. From there, Quintus cast a silence spell and then he used the Claws of the Umberhulk to tunnel around the black mist. The party easily moved around the mist and into a large room with a strange statue dominated the center. It was a large eye floating above mist. Templeton and Puck thought they must be getting close to The Fane of The Eye.

Brenn boldly went first and found the room empty but for the statue and 3 other passageways out of the room covered in black mist that looked from the map that they led back to where we had been before. One passage to the southwest, however, had no mist and opened up into another large room. In it were 6 air cultists and 4 hurricane monks. Another familiar face also came into view – that of Windharrow. The party had slain her previously and left her for dead, but apparently she had somehow escaped.


Brenn made first contact and held the narrow passageway as the hurricaine monks tried to maneuver around him with their great speed. But Brenn would have none of it. He used his sentinel feat to stop in them in their tracks when trying to move past him. Everyone else was moving up to get in the fight when none other than Aerisi Kalinoth her self showed up to join the fight. She began by casting a cloudkill that engulfed Brenn, Badding, and Templeton. Quintus jumped over using his ring and and cast a dispel magic to eliminate the cloud. Templeton tried to get a bead on either Aerisi or Windharrow but they were moving into the passage, casting spells, and then moving away making it difficult to target them.

Templeton used invisibility with a readied crossbow shot to wait for one of them to appear and then fire but it took a long time to set up. Puck moved up with a Blur spell going to offer flanking for Brenn but more importantly to counter spells. When Aerisi cast chain lightning and Puck managed to counter it – there was much rejoicing.


The fight raged on with Brenn going toe to toe with the hurricane monks and doing a great job of soaking up their attacks which had a hard time hitting his AC. Templeton stayed away from shooting at the monks, knowing that they could snatch his bolts right out of the air. Puck tried using a cone of cold to get the monks since it had a CON save instead of dex, but Aerisi Kalinoth counterspelled it. Finally a chain lightning spell got through and Brenn, Badding, and Puck were fried. Puck especially had failed his save and was out of range of Badding’s aura of spell resistance. Everyone was healed by Quintus though and Puck was able to cast improved invisibility on Templeton. This enabled him to always be ready and really nail both Windharrow and Aerisi Kalinoth every round.


Windharrow hit Badding with a few shatter spells with one of them being countered by Puck. But Aerisi used a two lightning bolts to great effect, but Badding’s aura of magic resistance really helped everyone minimize the damage greatly. All of the monks had fallen leaving the passageway open for Templeton to bolt through. He found that Windharrow had disappeared but Aerisi was still there. He fired a well placed bolt through her left shoulder. She cried out in pain and disappeared. Furious that she might escape again. Templeton called out for aid. Badding grabbed Puck and flew up into the room. At th every top of the pyramid they saw Aerisi Kalinoth sitting atop of it on a throne.

Templeton ran up the steep 70 foot high pyramid steps to get blasted by an ice storm cast by Aerisi. Luckily, Templeton kept his footing and made it to the top of the tower. Still invisible, he took careful aim and pulled the trigger on Sky Piercer. The bolt pierced Aerisi straight through the forehead. He head snapped back, he body went limp, and then seemed to explode as if unleashing some sort of violent storm contained within her. The force of the blast blew Templeton straight back and off the edge of the pyramid for a 70 foot fall. Luckily he used his Wingwear to take flight and circle back around to land on the top of the pyramid once more.

Brenn and Quintus cut through the last of the air cultists, knocking one out and taking him prisoner for good measure. Puck and Badding landed softly on the top of the pyramid next to Templeton and saw Aerisi’s spear Windvane on the ground next to the throne.


In searching the throne, Templeton touched it and pulled away in pain at the power of the object. Puck used an identify on the spear and found it had the following powers:
- +2 silvered weapon
- Has the finesse property (feels almost insubstantial in hand)
- +2d6 lightning damage on a hit
- Wielder can speak Auran fluently
- Resistance to lightning
- 1/day can cast Dominate Monster (DC 17) on an Air Elemental.

There were additional nuances that were vague that identify was not able to determine. The power of the weapon overwhelmed the spell.

- Something to do with an air node. Maybe some power there?



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