Bow Your Heads and Remember Valor

The party went north into the room filled with fungi. A newly summoned Widget flew through the room first with Puck looking through his eyes. But half way through the room, Widget simply ceased to be. He had been destroyed by something but it wasn’t clear what. In order to mitigate possible poison from the fungi, Templeton and Quintus each drank one of Templeton’s 2 vials of anti-toxin. This would give them advantage on poison saves. Brenn Buckman was first into the room. He moved swiftly just trying to get clear of the fungi. But halfway through the room he was attacked. strange mushroom creatures attacked with fungal pseudopods. Brenn was hurt but he pushed on just trying to get clear of the room. Everyone else also tried to move quickly through the room. But the fungi creatures were everywhere and slowing everyone down. Puck decided that enough was enough. He lit off a fireball that engulfed the entire room. All the mushroom creatures were destroyed and all the fungi burned into a foul noxious cloud that hung over the entire room.


Everyone ran north to try and get clear. Everyone made it out but all but Brenn were under the effects of a poisoned condition. This would mean attacking and ability checks would be at disadvantage. This was too great a penalty to lve with. So everyone made their way back to the hidey hole. There they found that Don had left. He had decided to try and make it back up through the temple by himself and take his chances. Puck scribed scrolls as we waited long enough to take an extended rest. After completing the good rest, the poison effects finally wore off.

With everyone back to full strength, the party went north of the fungi room and into a room with 2 huge giants. Their names were Maul and Karg. They didn’t seem too smart but they were very strong and very tough. Brenn was first in and engaged them in melee with Macallum ablaze. He cut deeply into Karg’s leg but the giant seemed more annoyed than anything. Templeton then snuck out of the shadows to cast a spell of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Maul who promptly failed his save and fell to the ground overcome with laughter.

Everyone else in the party focused their attacks on Karg as Maul continued to roll around on the floor overcome with laughter. Karg got some good licks with his huge club on Brenn before he went down, but down he went. As the giant died, he fell over and blocked the doorway into the room. Brenn pushed with all his might but could not budge the giant corpse out of the way. And Maul finally made his save against the Templeton’s spell and got himself up off the floor.


With Brenn cut off from the rest of the party and trapped inside with the giant, everyone knew they had to get int fast. So Quintus used his Claws of the Umberhulk to cut his way through the rock of the passage and make a new hallway around the blocked door. Everyone poured into the room and attacked Maul. He finally went down after another big fight. There were strange halls of glowing purple crystal in this room and some treasure being guarded by the giants. A Mummified Human Head, 160 GP, 22 PP, 3 red spirals worth 100 GP each, and 1 fire amethyst worth 150 GP. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

North of this room was a dusty place with mining carts and tracks set into the floor. A thick layer of dust indicated it had not been traversed in a very long time. Brenn was first into the room once more and was surprised by 4 spectral hands reaching up out of the floor to attack him. The hands were attached to specters. Brenn shuddered as he felt the cold and dark hands send waves of necrotic energy through his body. But he managed to resist the other nasty effects of the undead creatures.


Quintus stormed into the room and bestow the love of Tempus upon the specters. The specters all sunk into the floor in retreat. Their unholy beings could not stand before the might of Tempus. Since this section of the cavern system was as old as the Bessilmir Dwarves and did not seem to have been used since then, other areas were searched in looking for more recent cultist activities.

One room had an ancient dwarven sarcophagus with strange dwarvish runes on it. Since no one spoke or read dwarvish, Puck cast a read languages spell that made the words clear as day to him. It read:

Bow your head and remember valor.

Each party member bowed their heads and remembered a time when they were valorous, Each party member was rewarded with a 5th level Aid spell as the sarcophagus glowed in holy light. A gift from the ancient dwarves was happily received.


North of that room was a room with a huge obsidian staircase leading up into the darkness. Badding thought it most likely connected to the large staircase they had encountered further up in the complex that was guarded by several earth elemental marauders. It seemed that the only way forward was through the black mist.



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