Chase the Shiver

Everyone rejoiced at the slaying of the Dragon Turtle but were quickly brought back to the troubles at hand as Puck had 4 aquatic trolls and One-Eyed Shiver bearing down on him. The wee gnome quickly cast a blur spell to protect himself. The trolls attacked but had a hard time hitting the wavering form of Puck. Templeton fired Sky Piercer and a heavy crossbow bolt tore into the back of one of the trolls as it howled in pain. Brenn then moved swiftly across the water from the corpse of the dragon turtle to close with the trolls. Mcallum was a light with fire and it cut deeply into the troll that Templeton had wounded and laid it low in short order.

Quintus and Badding both gravely injured from the Dragon Turtle each cast healing magic on the other healing the others wounds. Then Badding closed in on One-Eyed Shiver who was cloaked in a mirror image spell had 3 illusory images of himself swirling in and around his real self. The Shiver cast an eldritch blast that blew Badding back and caused force damage. The three remaining trolls attacked Puck and Brenn. A claw made it past Brenn’s guard to slash him across the shoulder but Puck continued to elude the trolls with his wavering blurred form. Templeton crept closer to the trolls hiding among the spaces in the uneven cavern wall. From hiding he cast a Tasha’s Hideous Laughter spell on one of the unhurt trolls. Templeton’s magical ambush power as an arcane trickster gave the troll disadvantage on the wisdom save causing it to fail terribly and be overcome with fits of laughter as it fell to the ground incapacitated. Using the rary’s telepathic bond, Templeton warned the other members of the party not to hurt the laughing troll or it could break the spell.


Puck followed up with breathing flames out of his mouth to engulf one of the trolls as a bonus action thanks to the potion of dragon breath he had previously quaffed. He followed that up with a firebolt to the creatures face. As it burned and bled, Brenn moved in to finish it off with some quick and decisive blows from Macallum. Quintus then crouched down on the surface of the water and sprang up hurtling through the air to land next to one of the trolls using his ring of jumping. He extolled the virtues of Tempus upon the troll as he brought his greatsword down upon its head. Badding then moved back towards the Shiver and unleashed a thunderclap spell at him destroying one of the mirror images. The shiver then returned the favor by unleashing a fear spell on Badding and Brenn. Badding who’s paladin abilities make him immune to fear easily resisted the spell but for Brenn it was more difficult. Images of Renton Daltrey once again found their way into his mind, but this time he was able to put them out of his head and continue the fight. One troll was rolling on the ground overcome with the laughter of Templeton’s magic. But the other troll attacked Brenn and once again got a claw past his guard.

Templeton fired his crossbow at the Troll who was till up and sunk a bolt deep in its chest. It coughed up blood as Puck belched flame to finish it off. The gurgling and burning creature fell down and moved no more leaving the only living troll the one who was still overcome by Templeton’s laughter spell. Puck then hurled a firebolt at the shiver and luckily hit One-Eyed Shiver himself. Brenn closed with the shiver and swung at the real one but was thwarted by a shield spell. Quintus used his ring again to jump up and over to be adjacent to the Shiver. He then laid the blessings of Tempus upon him by slicing through him with his sunsword. Badding attacked the Shiver as well popping the last of his illusory images. Having lost the protection of his mirror image, the shiver turned tail and ran to the north. He moved out onto the bridge and dove off into the water below.

The party gave chase. Brenn got there first running out over the water looking for the Shiver below the murky surface. He could not find him. Badding flew around the other way trying to cut off his escape into the large lake area. Templeton ran in past Brenn and used his Helm of Telepathy to try and detect thoughts within 30 feet. Templeton only detected the thoughts of Brenn and himself so clearly the Shiver was not in range. The group kept closing in on The Shiver trying to spot him while leaving the final troll laughing uncontrollably on the ground. Finally after many tries, Templeton picked up One-Eyed Shiver’s surface thoughts. He was clearly underwater and trying to elude the party’s pursuit. But then the shiver moved out of range again. Badding cast a moonbeam spell creating a powerful beam of moonlight to strike the water and bathe it in light. But he did not have the beam in the correct spot. Templeton followed in the correct direction and detected the Shiver again. He moved again to try and get closer and luckily spotted him 5 feet below the water. He rallied the rest of the party to him with his telepathic bond. Puck used his magic to get there quickly and cast a Bigby’s Grasping Hand spell to grapple the Shiver and prevent his escape.


Brenn moved down and tried to attack through the 5 feet of water at the grappled shiver but was unable to hit him with the disadvantage. The troll on land had finally shook off the effects of Templeton’s Hideous Laughter spell. It got up and saw Quintus nearby. The troll successfully grappled Quintus, picked him up, and then jumped into the water. The troll went into the water, however, the power of the water walk spell prevented Quintus from submerging so he popped out of the troll’s gasp as it sunk under the water.

Puck squeezed the Bigby’s grasping hand and it crushed The Shiver mightily. Puck then hauled The Shiver up and out of the water with the hand so that Templeton could get a shot. He did not miss on the opportunity. Sky Piercer’s bolt sunk deep into his forehead killing One-Eyed Shiver instantly. Worried that the troll might get away, Quintus cast a control water spell and parted all the water in a 100 foot per side cube. This included pretty much all of the water in the large lake. With all the water rushing out from beneath us, everyone but Badding (who had safely landed on the little rocky island) fell 30 feet down to hard rocky bottom of the now empty lake. There was a large ‘crack’ noise as the dragon turtle’s body slammed into the hard stone and cracked open its shell. The troll also fell and landed in a heap not far from Quintus. Puck was next to go, however, and let loose a firebolt which nailed the troll for a critical hit. Then Badding moved his moonbeam to shine down upon the troll. The moonlight burned radiant damage into the creature. It started its turn in the full brunt of the moonbeam and expired as its skin blistered and cracked under the intensity of the radiant damage.

The other interesting outcome of Quintus’ control water spell is that it revealed a large pile of treasure in the middle of the lake at the now dry bottom. This was The Hoard of the Dragon Turtle. It contained 700 GP, 440 EP, 6 gems worth 40 GP each, 4 onyx gems worth 70 GP each. The body of the shiver also had 10 GP. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

The party then moved back to their hiding spot that Quintus had tunneled using his Claws of the Umberhulk. Inside Puck’s Tiny Hut spell was still operating. A short rest was had inside. An hour later most were healed and ready to finish exploring this level and then go deeper into the next.



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