Clearing the Last Remnants of the Water Cult

After finishing their short rest, the party explored the rest of the rooms that they had yet to enter in the Temple of the Crushing Wave. The first was a room full of 9 lizard folk. They had meager armor but large two handed heavy clubs. They were all destroyed. Next the den of the aquatic trolls that were previously fought was found. It was decidedly too foul smelling for Templeton, so they continued on to find a room with two ogres. After the battle was joined with the ogres, a sea hag came out from behind a tattered curtain. Her horrific visage was so foul that Bren and Badding were overcome with fear. Badding’s devotion to his paladin deity and ideals hardened him against the fear effects but Brenn was overcome by a frightened effect. Luckily before the foul creature could expose Brenn to her Death Gaze, Templeton put a heavy crossbow bolt through her chest and Puck hit her with a critical strike from a firebolt to destroy the foul hag.


The sea hag’s lair had within it a chest that contained 190 GP, 8 PP, and 2 potions. A Potion of Hill Giant Strength that was taken by Brenn and a Potion of Fire Resistance which as taken by Quintus. A strange magical sword was also recovered. It was made from strange bone with a ruby encrusted hilt. Puck identified it as a +1 Longsword that glows in the presence of Dragons. Badding took the dragon blade. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

Some sort of bedroom and office was found which seemed to be likely that of the cult leader, Gar Shatterkeel. There were reports from cult spies in Red Larch that described certain party members and their investigations. All documentation was taken by Templeton for future review. There was also a chest in the room containing 260 SP, 22 PP, and 2 potions. One Potion of Healing taken by Badding and 1 Potion of Gaseous Form taken by Templeton.

Another room further south was filled with 6 Bugbears who were all dispatched.


Finally a room with some strange capped buckets was investigated. Quintus pulled the top off one of the barrels and 3 water weirds emerged to attack.




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