Devastation in Red Larch

Templeton Deals with the Lich

Having cleared out the ancient seat of the Bessilmir Dwarves at Tyar-Besil, the party began to make their way back to the town of Red Larch. Along the way they experimented with their new magic items. Quintus discovered that his Ring of Jumping had a taste for blood that needed to be satiated before it would function. A little bit of blood has to be put on the ring each day in order for it to work. Templeton discovered that his Gloves of Missile Snaring made a loud noise like a gong whenever they were used. Along the journey Puck used his new spell Leomund’s Tiny Hut as a ritual to create a safe space for the party to camp in the wilderness. It created a 10 foot radius dome of force around the party keeping everything out and formed an excellent protective barrier. Using the spell the journey back to Red Larch went without any trouble.

The arrival in Red Larch was sad indeed. Debris was strewn all over town, trees were down, town buildings were completely flattened, Red Larch was devastated. Everyone in the party quickly laid their aid to help in the search for survivors in the debris and to clean up the mess that was the town. Templeton was able to find out that early that morning some pilgrims had come to town bearing a large box with symbols on it. They opened the box and ran off releasing a huge wind storm that raged through the town for 1 hour.

Gaelkur’s, The Helm at High Sun, Drouth Fine Poultry, Waelvur’s Wagon Works, Mhandyvver’s Poultry, and Valivoe’s Sundries were all completely destroyed. Endrith Vallivoe himself along with 3 of his children were dead. One little child of Endrith’s was saved and gotten to surviving kin.

The party worked with Constable Harbruck to help as best they could mostly by casting healing magic and performing first aid on town survivors. After an exhausting 48 hours of work, everything that could be done had been done and the party finally laid their heads down to rest. During the work, Templeton had gotten a first hand account of the pilgrims. They all seemed to be human and wore the symbols of the air cult on their robes. The box they carried also had symbols of the air cult. They removed an orb of glass from the box that was about the size of a cannonball. It hung in the air for 1 minute as the pilgrims literally ran as fast as they could away from it. It then erupted into a n explosion of air that began the hour long and 1 mile radius wind storm that savaged the town.

Templeton shared this information with Constable Harbruck and learned from him that his investigations of the town elders had confirmed our suspicions and most of them were now imprisoned for their complicity with the earth cult.

Puck spent four 8 hour days working on copying spell’s from Aerisi Kalinoth’s spellbook into his own. He spent 800 GP worth of materials including special inks and paper to do so. Kareep spent 5 days working with Haeleeya in order to learn the art of herbalism. He spent 10 GP to purchase an herbalism kit from her. Kareep then used his herbalism skill to make 2 potions of antitoxin and 2 potions of healing taking 2 days total and costing 115 GP in total. Templeton purchased a huge crowbar from Feng Ironhead for Quintus for 2 GP in order to hopefully bend the bars of the gate under the Monastery of the Sacred Stone, where the party was going next. The Master Party Treasure List was updated. Templeton also spent some quality time at The Dripping Candelstick which was thankfully undamaged by the windstorm.

The party then journeyed overland to the Monastery of the Sacred Stone. They found it just as they had left it. Templeton warned the party that he very much wanted to speak to the Gentleman of Presence, who he suspected of not only being a Lich but also being Renwick Caradoon. His past two interactions with the lich had not gone well. The first time, Templeton tried to charm him and was forcibly removed via telekinesis and the second time he was hit by a cloudkill spell. Templeton straightened his shirt and fixed his hair and said, ‘wish me luck gentleman.’

Templeton approached the door to the Lich’s lair. But instead of knocking or opening the door, he cast a message spell to the lich himself and said, ‘Renwick Caradoon if you are still loyal to the Knights of Samular, I ask that you parlay with me peacefully.’ The door silently opened. Templeton entered the room finding the lich working at his desk. Without looking up he said, ‘I will speak to you. You have five minutes.’

Templeton explained that they were working for The Knights of Samular to return a fallen knight’s body to Summit Hall and that the elemental cults were responsible. The Lich provided some information but nothing Templeton did not already know. Templeton did manage to convince the Lich to trade magic items with the party. In exchange for Kareep’s Figurine of Wonderous Power and Enchanted Boomerang, the Lich gave him an Amulet of Health. Templeton traded his Gloves of Missile Snaring for a Cloak of Elvenkind. The Master Party Treasure List was updated. The Lich had the following items for trade which we did not get: Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Scroll of Invisibility, and Scroll of Snylloch’s Snowball Storm.

The Lich granted us passage through the ancient keep in order to reach the area beneath that was as yet unexplored. Quintus used his huge crowbar to try and bend the bars but could not bend them even a little with his ogre strength. Little Puck, however, stepped up and tapped the lock on the gate with his knock spell and it clicked open immediately.

The stairs beyond spiraled down and down. Puck used his detect magic spell to find a hidden ward half way down that hid a glyph of warding. Puck was able to remove it using his arcana skill. Templeton snuck ahead when the stairs leveled out to a corridor. He found the passageway led through to a large hole and an area beyond.


There was an area ahead that had a door blasted in. Kareep and Puck tried to fly through the room with the large pit surrounding the passage only to be attacked by 3 gargoyles that were lurking in the shadows of the ceiling. Kareep set down Puck and began fighting the gargoyles who immediately swarmed to fight the hated aurakokra.


Puck ran off to get away from the nasty edge of the passageway. In the process he nailed one of the gargoyles with a firebolt for a critical hit. Puck went through into the next room to hide around the corner but saw some hobgoblins down to the south. Unfortunately they saw him as well and made their up to get closer, sound an alarm, and fire their longbows at him. The wee gnome used his shield spell to protect himself from the missiles.


Kareep hit one of the gargoyles with his enchanted javelin and Templeton nailed it with Sky Piercer to shatter the creature into tiny bits of rubble. But then Puck began to worry because in addition to the hobgoblins a huge creature rambled up from the southern passage. A human by the name of Nartham Burrowshark, riding a Bullete, rambled right up to Puck and attacked him with his spear.





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