Squeezing the Last of the Water Out of the Cult

The water weirds swarmed around Quintus. One of them slammed into him and flowed around his body, grappling him in a strange way by coating him in water and holding fast. Templeton quickly used his Helm of Telepathy to reach out and make contact with the water weird. The language and thoughts of the elemental creature was extremely foreign to Templeton. But he did his best to communicate with the creature by sending images of the water weird releasing Quintus and then Quintus releasing it into a large body of water so that it could escape the confine of the barrel that currently contained it. It took a few rounds of explaining while Quintus was very patient but one by one Templeton bartered a deal with each of the three Water Weirds to stand down and return to their barrels in exchange for their freedom. After all the creatures submerged peacefully into their barrels, true to his word, Templeton instructed Quintus and Brenn to pick up the barrels and dump the contents into the flowing underground river. Each water weird disappeared into the water and swam away.

The group then returned to their hidey hole that had been carved out of the solid rock by Quintus and his Claws of the Umberhulk. There they took refuge for an extended rest. There was plenty of time for Puck to scribe a Melf’s Minute Meteors spell into his spellbook. Templeton took the time reviewing the documents secured from Gar Shatterkeel apartments.

The letters that gathered did not shine any more light onto the situation underground. However, a clearly recent letter notes the following:

Refugees have been shuffling down from the hills north of Beliard. Some wear the white robes and black-feathered cowls of air cultists, while others are dressed as our own. Each person bears a placard around his or her neck, reading ‘I am punished.’

The short, circumspect conversations I have been able to get, suggest the name Haayon the Punisher – some sort of enormous giant. She seems to be gathering stragglers… and placarding those she deems unworthy.

After further investigation, Templeton found a partially penned, unsent letter that seems to be in reference to the previous letter.

Haayon is testing us. She will be dealt with. Keep us apprised of any changes in the situation…. It is of no worry at the moment….


With the rest completed the party decided to finish cleaning out the entire level. So they returned to the large lake where they had previously spied some tentacles. Quintus used his lower water spell to shunt the deep water off to the side revealing a huge octopus that fell to the ground in a giant spot some 20 feet below to the now waterless cave floor. But it was still very much alive. Badding cast a spell summoning a moonbeam to burn radiant light into its massive body. The huge creature used its tentacles to pull itself close to the cliff face where the party was waiting for it. As it came up over the edge, Quintus hit it with a flame strike, Templeton fired bolts into it, Puck blasted it with fire bolts, and Brenn carved it up with his fiery blade.


After the octopus was slain, Quintus exposed the entire floor of the sea cave. Nought but bones was revealed. Remembering the previously encountered ghouls to the south, the party moved to strike them next. Brenn cautiously moved in and quickly found two ghouls charging out to attack him.The party made quick work of those two and Brenn pushed deeper inside to find 9 ghouls in all surround him. Badding ran up in support but both Brenn and Badding were quickly overwhelmed by the ghouls paralysis. They both went down under the claws of the ghouls. The ghouls even tied their paralyzed bodies to a rope and pushed a heavy rock on the other end into water filled silos. Both Brenn and Badding would have surely drown if not for Quintus water walk spell that had previously been cast on them. As the rope went taught to pull them under, they just floated on the top of the water unable to go below.


Quintus turned the ghouls and they began to flee. Then Puck hurled a fireball inside the room to burn them badly while Brenn and Badding cleaned them up with melee attacks. With every last inch of the complex explored, the party finally descended down the stairs to the next level.




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