Temptations To Touch

It's Evil Don't Touch It.

In the northern end of the prison, Quintus cast a dispel magic on the inky black cloud that blocked the passage. It vanished forced out of existence by the power of Tempus. But was seen to slowly start to fill back in. Before it could do so completely, however, the party ran though the passage. The saw a short hallway leading to a large room with a green glowing metal rod on the floor. Bodies were also strewn about. One was clearly a water cultist. Others were irrecognizable due to the damage upon their bodies.

Templeton snuck carefully forward in the shadows. He created an illusion of himself standing out n the room examining one of the bodies. Nothing happened. He used his mage hand to lift the glowing green rod high into the air. But its light did not reach high enough to reveal everything in the shadows above. Then everyone in the party heard a strange song it was eerily beautiful and bewitching. It was sweet music to Templeton’s ears. He felt compelled to move forward and try to find what was making such beautiful song. Everyone else in the party thought it strange music but were not compelled in any way. Just then Templeton saw something that caught his attention. A human woman flew through the room and down the hallway. To Templeton she looked like a vision. He had to meet her. All stealth was thrown to the wayside and Templeton ran after her in speedy pursuit. The green rod dropped behind him forgotten.


Brenn frowned. That was odd. Why would Templeton run down the hall without moving in a stealthy fashion? That just was not like him. Brenn turned to Badding next to him and asked him what he thought. Badding squawked and flew into the room after Templeton. In about the middle of the room, two harpies flew out from the shadows from above to attack him. The two harpies surrounded Badding and tore into him with their razor sharp talons and claws.


Templeton raced after the gorgeous woman. As he got closer he noticed that she was floating over a large pit but somehow he didn’t care. He still wanted to get to her. The music filled him with such joy and lust. He simply had to be with her no matter what. Back in the main room Brenn came running out and was battling the harpies with Badding. Quintus and Puck were coming up to give Badding support. Brenn shook his head. Renton Daltrey would not be pleased if his son was killed by a bloody harpy. Brenn heaved a large sigh and yelled out in to the darkness, ‘You are not leaving me to your father’s wrath you little bastard!’ and he ran off down the tunnel Templeton had fled.


Brenn arrived just in time to see Templeton with a glazed look in his face running straight towards a very large pit with a harpy flying above it. Using his action surge and his high mobility, Brenn sprinted past Templeton to put himself between the crazed little man and his impending fall down the pit. Templeton didn’t appreciate Brenn’s concern and tried to dodge past him using an acrobatic maneuver. He simply had to get to that beautiful woman. Brenn responded with a shield bash to the chest of Templeton, knocking him off his feet and down to the ground.


Templeton shook his head, perhaps the blow from Brenn’s shield had knocked some sense into him. But he somehow was no longer under the harpy’s spell. Shaking his head in disbelief he saw the harpy in her true form and recoiled. How could he have been so stupid. Seeing that the little man was no longer under her spell, the harpy’s song changed to a high pitched shriek as she swooped in to attack Brenn, the interloper. As the harpy and Brenn trade blows, Templeton picked himself up off the ground, dusted himself off, raised Sky Piercer up, and squeezed off a bolt that smashed into the harpy’s chest.


All three of the harpies were slain and Templeton thanked Brenn for saving his life. Brenn shrugged and said he would add it to his tally of what he was owed. Templeton told him not to worry, ‘The Daltrey’s always pay their debts.’ Brenn shook his head. ‘If I hear you say that again it will be too soon.’

Badding used the glowing green rod to illuminate his way and flew up to investigate the ceiling of the room. He found it was about 80 feet up and there were ledges with harpy nests. A quick search revealed 560 SP and 220 GP. There was a gold bracelet worth 50 GP, a silver ewer worth 10 GP, 2 skull earrings worth 50 GP each, and a Potion of Superior Healing. In addition to the glowing green rod 5 backpacks were on bodies in the room that were magical. They have the power to use levitate and feather fall. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

Next the party encountered a room strewn with debris and a large pillar with a glowing orb atop it. Templeton tried to use his mage hand to lift the orb up off the pillar. As soon as he did so, a maelstrom began to swirl around the pillar. Four rusty swords animated and flew over to attack. The party attacked and destroyed them and then tried to get the orb again. This time Quintus and Puck got caught up int the maelstrom and were swirling round the room. Puck teleported to safety and Quintus was hauled out by Badding.


With this section of the area cleared it seemed only one section remained – going to the fungi room. But first the party returned to the hidey hole that Quyintus had tunneled out of solid rock with his Claws of the Umberhulk. They checked up on Don to make sure he was OK and took a short rest before pressing on.




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