Albaeri Mellikho

Female Human, Red Larch Town Elder, Owner of Mellikho Stoneworks


Human Female Town Elder


Albaeri owns a quarry in the back of her property in the town of Red Larch. Using this quarry she own and operates Mellikho Stoneworks supplying Red Larch with quality stone. This business has been quite lucrative and has allowed her to become one of Red Larch’s town elders.

Alberi and the other town elders, Ulhro Luruth and Ilmeth Waelvur behaved quite suspiciously when the sink hole opened up in the middle of Red Larch. Albaeri directed her men to immediately start filling the hole with stone before the hole or its purpose could be investigated. Only through the help of Constable Harbruck did she and the other elders back down and allow the party to investigate. Templeton Daltrey suspects they are involved in something that is going on down there that they want covered up.

Albaeri Mellikho

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