Aarakocra Paladin - Phil's Character


A tall bird man wearing a shining breast plate and wielding a mighty morning star.


Badding is a mighty champion of the Aarakocra people who came through a portal into the Temple of Elemental Fire to retrieve Kareep of Goldenfields and replace him in the party.

According to the Aarokocra, the Elders of the flock in the Star Mounts had a vision that one of their kind would be involved in ending the rise of Elemental Evil in the Dessarin Valley. Knowing of Kareep of Goldenfields, they had been scrying on the party for the last five days. Fearing for the worst they prepared their friend Brenn and one of their finest guardians Badding to intervene if necessary. When Kareep fell they invoked the power of their Deity, the Great Bird in the Sky, creating a portal to save Kareep and send Brenn and Badding to help put an end to the fire cultists.


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