Banacturus Dabasar

Grand Bishop of The High House of Wonders - deceased


Human Male Cleric – Grand Bishop of The High House of Wonders


Banacturus was a cleric of Gond, The Wonderbringer, The Holy Maker of All Things. Gond is the god of artifice, craft, and invention and his angels are incredibly gifted artisans. Banacturus Dabasar was the Grand Bishop of Gond and spiritual leader of The High House of Wonders, a church of Gond located in Baldur’s Gate. Banactus used Sky Piercer in the defense of Baldur’s Gate when demons were summoned to the city during the Time of Troubles by a demon worshiping cult of Tieflings. In a tragic turn of events it was later stolen by a Tiefling assassin named Thalassa Ziada and used to murder Banacturus in his own church. Thalassa escaped and was never brought to justice. Her act forever tainted Sky Piercer in the eyes of the church of Gond. Sky Piercer has had many owners since those times but the clergy of Gond still remember the weapon’s sinister reputation.

Banacturus Dabasar

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