Young Boy found in Sinkhole Complex


Young Human Boy


Braelen is a young human boy who the party saved during their journey down into the sinkhole that opened up in Red Larch . The party found him pinned beneath heavy rocks and half starved. Templeton gave him food and drink and through some quiet conversation got a fair bit of information out of him before he began to grow suspicious and be more quiet.

The following information was learned through chats with Templeton…

The boy is from Red Larch and was brought down into the tunnels by his father. Braelen’s father Rother is a Believer. Rother sent Braelen on important task to deliver a message. Braelen failed to deliver the message and was punished by his father. Grund was the name of the half orc who worked for Braelen’s father Rother. Grund was slain by the party. Braelen also identified the symbol on the shirt of the bandit who threatened to kill him. He was a delver.


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