Brenn Buckman

Human Fighter - Dana's Character


Brenn’s disheveled mop of thinning black hair and his scarred face make him look very swarthy and not very attractive. However, on occasion he sports a wry smileor a devilish grin when making a joke or saying something clever. Brenn is not a large man, but he is strong and quick and carries himself with a quiet confidence.


Brenn Buckman grew up in a poor family in the rough and tumble sea ward of the mean streets of Waterdeep. He quickly learned how to fight in order to protect himself. Later he took to soldiering for various trading companies, minor lords, and town militias. He never stayed anywhere too long, always looking to make more gold at the next job.

Brenn has always been fond of woodcarving. In his spare time he likes to whittle. He often makes carvings of various animals and gives them to folk he likes.

Recently Brenn has found himself in the employ of one Renton Daltrey, one of the most powerful men in Waterdeep. Renton has sent Brenn on a mission to keep his embarrassing son, Templeton Daltrey out of trouble. Its proven to be more difficult than he thought.


The letter of Brenn’s introduction from Templeton’s father, Renton Daltrey was quite scathing. It read as follows:


I am glad to hear you are actually doing something with the little task I put you on, and not drunkenly chasing whores about the night houses for once. But of course, when I received word of your “progress,” I had no idea that your involvement would bring disaster on the little hamlet of Red Larch. SO very disappointing. At first I couldn’t believe it, a no nothing town being laid to waste like that, so I sent your courageous brother to bring me an honest full report. Real information I could rely on and craft a strategy for my trade routes in that area. Upon his successful return and reading the report, I see the situation is far worse than you have led on. IF you want a seat at my table Templeton, you must provide great intel to help the cause. So, it is obvious you will need help, I am sending a trusted scout from one of my last triumphant military campaigns, Brenn Buckman. He has served me well and is very aware of the virtues of Daltrey loyalty. He will do his job so you can do you yours. See to it he is paid handsomely for his work, 1,000 GP, cause as you know very well, a Daltrey always pays their debts.

Do not continue to disappoint me,
Renton Daltrey

Brenn Buckman

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