Endrith Vallivoe

Human Shopkeeper - Deceased


A scuttling, shy human man who appears to be fairly absent-minded manner.


The owner of Vallivoe’s Sundries in Red Larch. He has probably a half a dozen children around poking their heads up over tables and from under shelves in his shop.

Endrith came by a dwarven book from a traveling merchant who got it from a shady keelboat skipper in Womford. Templeton purchased it, had Rotgut examine it for him and determined it is most likely belonging to Bruldenthar, a missing dwarven sage from Mirabar.

During the devastating earth quakes unleashed on Red Larch by the Earth Cult, Valivoe’s home and shop were leveled to the ground killing Valivoe and all of his children but one little boy who Templeton Daltrey got into the care of his next of kin.

Endrith Vallivoe

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