Gentleman of Presence



Powerful Wizard – a lich perhaps? He could have been undead.


The gentleman of Presence was encountered in the Monastery of the Sacred Stone. He was by himself sitting at a desk in an old lab. The lab looked like it was in good shape but everything in the area was old and run down as if it had been there a long time and not well cared for. The Gentleman thought we were monks when we entered and told us very crossly not to bother him. Templeton tried to cast a charm person spell on him but with a wave of his hand he countered the spell. After some more dialogue that told us he was clearly not wanting to be disturbed, he used a telekinesis spell to move Templeton and Kareep out of the room and shut the door.

Later Templeton tried to speak with him again but the gentleman would not be disturbed and cast a cloudkill spell. This seemed to prove the point that the gentleman was in fact a Lich. The party then gave him a wide berth and did not disturb him further.

About a month later, when the party returned to the Monastery of the Sacred Stone, Templeton had had some time to think about the Lich and thought he may in fact be Renwick Caradoon. Templeton tested that theory which proved to be correct in so far as his parlay with the lich finally yielded fruit.

Templeton traded some powerful magic items with the Lich.

Gentleman of Presence

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