Guratra Darkeyes

Female Half Orc Caravan Guard


Female Half Orc Fighter


After about 30 minutes of gregarious efforts, Templeton sees a stumbling female half-orc come into the common room, clearly having stayed in rooms above. After the half-orc finds an open table, she half-falls into the seat. Templeton, having observed her entry and, frankly, having a great deal of experience, believes the half-orc is hung over and probably still somewhat drunk.

Templeton gives her a moment and then brings over a mug of his favorite hangover remedy. He puts it in front over and says, “Drink, friend. It’ll ease the hollow pain behind your eyes.”

The half-orc lifts her head from the table and glares at Templeton. She then glances down to the drink and utters, “You payin’?”

Templeton forces a smile and nods, “Of course, of course. And there’s another one after this if you so desire.”

She picks up the mug, sniffs it, nodding appreciatively, and in a guttural tone says, “Good. Nothin’s free though. What do you want, small man?”

Templeton, seeing that the half-orc probably doesn’t want him beating around the bush, launches in and asks if she knows anything about the Mirabaran caravan.

She grunts. “Yeah. I saw ’em. Met ’em, in fact. Heh heh. Well, some of their guards met my fist anyway.” She then relates a short story about how she brawled with five of their guards two to three weeks ago, and by her own account, she held her own. “They was in Beliard when I… saw them. Big and fancy, that caravan. They was headed south from there. That’s what I heard anyway.”

Guratra Darkeyes

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