Haayon the Punisher

Female Giant


A Female Giant of Enormous Size


Templeton found some letters in the apartments of Gar Shatterkeel. The letters gathered did not shine any more light onto the situation underground. However, a clearly recent letter notes the following:

Refugees have been shuffling down from the hills north of Beliard. Some wear the white robes and black-feathered cowls of air cultists, while others are dressed as our own. Each person bears a placard around his or her neck, reading ‘I am punished.’

The short, circumspect conversations I have been able to get, suggest the name Haayon the Punisher – some sort of enormous giant. She seems to be gathering stragglers… and placarding those she deems unworthy.

After further investigation, Templeton found a partially penned, unsent letter that seems to be in reference to the previous letter.

Haayon is testing us. She will be dealt with. Keep us apprised of any changes in the situation…. It is of no worry at the moment….

Haayon the Punisher

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