Jane Nettlebee

Hobbit Matriach of the Nettlebee Farm


Older Hobbit Woman Farmer


Jane Nettlebee runs the Nettlebee Farm outside of Womford. She is quite concerned with the queer goings on including the immolation of the Barrowmound and the fire branding of strange sigils on her sheep and livestock. She has given her blessing to the party to investigate these queer happenings and to try and get to the bottom of it. She fears for her family and her livestock. Her son Watson Nettlebee was a first hand witness to the burning of the barrowmound. Jane’s father -in-law old Wiggin Nettlebee told tales of fire witches being responsible for the queer goings on, but Jane did not take much stock in his elderly ramblings.

Jane Nettlebee

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