Lady Ushien Stormbanner

Paladin of Tyr - head of Summit Hall


Human Female – Paladin of Tyr


Lady Ushien Stormbanner leads the Knights of Samular who ride out of Summit Hall, a fortified monastery in the Dessarin Valley. She was expecting a fallen knight of Samular to be returned to Summit Hall for internment in the crypt. The body of that knight was being transported in the caravan with the Mirabar Delegation. It never arrived. The Four spent the night in Summit Hall and spoke with Lady Ushien and her knights. Quintus pledged his service to returning the fallen knight. Templeton discovered that the knights in their travels east of the Dessarin river have generally found an increase in elemental effects. Bands of bugbears are on the rise. Templeton mentioned the monks with the golden masks. The knights identified them as being from The Monks of Sacred Stone. They have a monastery south of the Dessarin Hills. Kareep worked with the knights to ID the location on the party’s map. After explaining what the party was up to, Lady Ushien was kind enough to bestow 1 potion of healing to each party member.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner

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