Larmon Greenboot

Red Larch Shepard


Human Male Shepard


According to Tess Smith at The Dripping Candelstick, Larmon saw 4 fresh graves dug outside of Red Larch right around the time the Mirabar Trade Caravan went missing.

Templeton spoke with Greenboot and he had this to say about it:
He comes back to himself, though, and screws up his face at his disgust at finding the graves. ‘They was new cairns on top of one of me hills. Four of ’em. Strange. Don’t normally see anyone else out there on me walkabouts with the flock. Not sure who would’ve been up there – to die or to bury. They was new a few days ago, I think.’

He has agreed to lead the party to the hill upon which they rest.

Larmon Greenboot

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