Marlos Urnrayle

Earth Cult Prophet


Unknown – he has not been met in person yet


Marlos is known as The Prophet of Earth and wrote many of the texts on elemental earth magic that were found by The Four in a library of sorts in the Monastery of the Sacred Stone being copied by monks. There were stories of Marlos going to a place called The Fane of The Eye. And there he found a powerful magic item called Ironfang, a war pick that was imbued with the magic of a holy implement of earth power. There was a reference to the Monastery of the Sacred Stone which we believe to be the current complex being explored and to somewhere called The Temple of The Black Earth. There were also references to The Black Geode which was linked somehow to The Evergrowing Mountain which seemed to be some powerful individual or deity who was said to use The Black Geode to remake the earth in his own image.

In discussion with an ex-earth cult guard named Orna, the party found the room supposedly occupied by Marlos. Orna described him as having snakes coming out his head instead of hair. Templeton was quite disturbed by that as he thought of a medusa. Perhaps he is a male medusa of some kind. She spoke of Marlos’ mighty weapon called Ironfang. It seems the writings are possibly true.

Marlos Urnrayle

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