Mother Yalantha

Runs Mother Yalantha's Boarding House


Old Human Woman


Mother Yalantha run’s Mother Yalantha’s Boarding House in Red Larch. The establishment is a three-story, dilapidated house with numerous balconies and outside staircases that acts as a boarding house for transient laborers and travelers with lesser means.

Mother Yalantha had this to say when questioned by Templeton about Valklondar:

“and to be honest, he wasn’t one of my favorites. kinda mean-spirited actually. anyway, he came in on a traveling caravan…mmmm…three ten-days ago. he was a traveling peddler. tried to make a quick coin. most people didn’t trust him. tryin’ to make a quick coin. The only other bit is that he kept talkin’ about seein’ some ill omen in the hills, not far from town. no one believed him, ’o course, given his demeanor.”

Mother Yalantha

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