Neshor Fleurdin

Inkeeper of The Watchful Knight in Beliard


Human Male – Innkeeper


This man runs The Watchful Knight inn and tavern in the town of Beliard.

In speaking with him Templeton learned the following:
Yes, Mr. Daltry, how can I help you. Ah, you are inquiring about the Waterdavian delegation that has gone missing? Well, I certainly spoke to them before they left. They were well stocked and provisioned. They seemed like capable folk with clear goals. They were headed south along the Dessarin Road, of course, with clear intent to deliver the body of a fallen knight to Summit Hall.

In addition, I have heard Senya, one of my serving maidens, speak of seeing a strange monk wearing a golden mask observing the Mirabarrans when they stayed here at The Knight. She says the monk left some hours before the caravan departed south. No one has seen any of them since.

Is there anything else, Mr. Templeton? Ah, brothels and temples. Ah, well… I can certainly arrange for a visitor this evening, but there is no brothel in town, I’m afraid. There is a small temple to Lathander, the God of Birth and Renewal just outside of town.

Neshor also confirmed the presence of Waterdavians amongst the caravan. It seems quite probable that the Waterdavian noble referenced in Aerisi Kalinoth’s letter to Thurl Merosska was the prisoner referenced.

Neshor Fleurdin

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