Rukh Glitterstone

Female Deep Gnome Explorer


Female Snirvifneblin Rogue


Rukh was traveling the deep roads of the Underdark when she came upon the ruins of Tyar-Besil. When she was exploring she was captured by black earth cultists. She was tortured by the priest and was going to be sacrificed to the black pudding that lived in the temple. The party cleansed the evil temple and freed Rukh from bondage. In return she gladly shared all she knew of the area and the cultists. The only new information learned from her was that an ancient drow temple lies down the stairs below the old dwarven complex. Also elemental nodes have been created down in the dungeons below.

Rukh having had her fill of the explorers life thanked the party for her freedom and headed for home.

Rukh Glitterstone

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