Savra Belegata

Feathergale Knight Female


Human Female Knight


Savra greeted the party as they entered Feathergale Spire. She was a knight of Feathergale Society who was quite smitten with Puck when he won the day on the Manticore Hunt. Templeton wooed her and got her talking. She mentioned that Thurl and the other knights were learning to master elemental air as taught by the Hurricane Monks. She tried to get Thurl to let the party join the order but he refused and was quite angry with her especially when Kareep made reference to the monks. Thurl dragged her to the top of the spire and hurled her off the top to her death. Templeton witnessed this and is about to confront Thurl.

It turned out that Savra like all of the Feathergale Knights had a feather fall spell. She used this magic to escape dying from the fall.

Savra Belegata

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