Serving Wench in Beliard


Female Human serving wench who works in The Watchful Knight inn and tavern in Beliard.


Neshor Fleurdin told Templeton:
“In addition, I have heard Senya, one of my serving maidens, speak of seeing a strange monk wearing a golden mask observing the Mirabarrans when they stayed here at The Knight. She says the monk left some hours before the caravan departed south. No one has seen any of them since.”

In a meeting with Senya Templeton learned the following:
Senya arrives some time later and follows you to the back of the room. She seems fascinated by the illusion and engages enthusiastically. After 20 minutes or so, given your passive insight, you end up with an image that you believe might be a bit hyperbolic. Senya’s memory does not seem precise, she has changed her mind a couple of times throughout the process, and you think she is taken with the ability to form an image via magic.

The image is of a very tall and thin humanoid figure in a long, deeply hooded black robe. The face is largely obscured, but seems to look like a grotesque, golden-faced gargoyle.

You inquire to get more details about it speaking or something else, but Senya is unable to provide any other details.

She has no other knowledge about other contingents in the caravan. All nobles ‘look the same’ to her.


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