Thalassa Ziada

Tiefling Assassin


Tiefling Rogue


The crossbow was given by Gond’s Angels to Banacturus Dabasar, Grand Bishop of Gond and spiritual leader of The High House of Wonders, a church of Gond located in Baldur’s Gate. Banactus used Sky Piercer in the defense of Baldur’s Gate when demons were summoned to

Thalassa Ziada was involved in demon worshiping cult of Tieflings that unleashed a horde of demons on Baldur’s Gate during The Time of Troubles. The demons were slain and the cult was put down by Banacturus Dabasar, Grandbishop of The High House of Wonders in Baldur’s gate. In revenge for his leadership and part in eradicating her cult Thalassa Ziada stole Sky Piercer and used the magical crossbow to murder Banacturus in his own church. Thalassa escaped and was never brought to justice. Her act forever tainted Sky Piercer in the eyes of the church of Gond.


Thalassa Ziada

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