The 3 Sisters

3 Powerful Human Female Witches - deceased


Human Female Wizards – could cast invisibility, lighting bolt, witchbolt, and fly



The Four tracked Savra Belegata through the canyon east of Feathergale Spire. Her trail led to a cave system in the canyon wall that was guarded by Hurricaine Monks. The party fought 5 hurricane monks and 1 of the sisters in a glade outside the cave. It was a deadly battle from which The Four were forced to retreat. The monks were all slain but the 1 sister returned with her other two as the party escaped. This area is most likely related to the Elemental Air cult, and possibly Aerisi Kalinoth. But for now this area is too dangerous to explore further.


The Four later returned to stronghold of the elemental air cult. There they battled the three sisters one by one starting with Kaz Hanar and then the other two. All of them were slain.

The 3 Sisters

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