The Dark Lady

Female Shadow Dragon


A Shadow Dragon who commonly takes the form of a beautiful drow woman.



The Dark Lady is a Shadow Dragon who has made her home in the ruins of Rundreth Manor. The Emerald Enclave has gained intelligence that indicates one of the cults has somehow gained The Dark Lady as an ally. This alliance tips the balance of power and worries The Enclave. A messenger was sent to inform Kareep and Puck that they are to meet with the Dark Lady and try to break the alliance. Puck has asked Templeton and Quintus to help.

The Emerald Enclave Messenger Had This to Say:
Her history largely remains a mystery to us, she took over the Manor only in the last few decades. Our somewhat unsuccessful research does lead us to suspect she was originally a red, or possibly, black dragon. If you are unfamiliar, shadow dragons are very rare transformations of true dragons. In some way we do not understand, a true dragon can be transformed by direct and extended contact with the Shadowfell into a shadow dragon. So she likely carries characteristics of her original, true form and yet she is changed by the desolate Shadowfell.

After an extensive parlay between The Dark Lady and Templeton, it was discovered that she has been destroying the cult agents coming to visit her. She in fact does not support the cults and would like to see them fail. She provided a lot of interesting information about the cults.


The Dark Lady

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