Thurl Merosska

Captain of the Feathergale Society - Deceased


Human Male Feathergale Knight Captain


A tall well built man in his 50’s from Waterdeep, Thurl leads the knights of the Feathergale Society. They enjoy riding flying creatures such as hippogriffs and giant vultures out of the their keep – Feathergale Spire.

The party spoke to Thurl asking him about the bodies found nearby. He claimed to know nothing of them. None of his people were missing. He did mentioned the stone armor was most likely one of the earth cultists that has been menacing the area.

Thurl invited the party to a feast at dinner and allowed them to join the Manticore hunt. Templeton and Quintus rode on Hippogriffs while Kareep flew himself carrying Puck in his wee harness. There were four other Feathergale Knights in a hunting party riding giant vultures. Thurl offered a golden ring to the man who slew the manticore. After a wild hunt, Puck used his cold magic to deliver the killing blow to the manticore and win the golden ring.

The next morning Thurl discovered that Savra Belegata had spoken to the party about the hurricane monks. He brought her up to the top of the tower and threw her off to fall to her death. Templeton witnessed the murder.

It turned out that Savra was not murdered as she had a featherfall spell at her disposal and used it. But after confronting Thurl about it, he tried to murder Quintus by throwing him off the tower. So began a lengthy battle between Thurl, his feathergale knights, and the party that raged all up and down Feathergale Spire. Thurl was slain by Kareep of Goldenfields. As Thurl hung suspended in the air after being impaled by Kareep’s spear, he whispered to Kareep as he expired, “She knows what you have done. She will kill you.”

It was later discovered who the ‘she’ was. A note was found on Thurl’s desk written from Aerisi Kalinoth and referring to herself as Thurl’s queen.


We are pleased to hear about the outcome of your altercation with the Black Earth cult, and we praise you for the capture of one of their prisoners. This noblewoman from Waterdeep has an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy interrogating her further. Keep a close watch on the Sacred Stone Monastery. I want to know what our enemy is planning next.

Your Beloved Queen,
Aerisi Kalinoth

Thurl Merosska

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