A mysterious name from a cursed black arrow


Human Male – pedlar of some sort


Up in the mountains the party sought out the rumor of a black arrow piercing a white human skull. They found it and upon examination, Templeton found a sheet of paper wrapped around the arrow. When he touched the arrow, the skull fell apart and he was stricken by a terrible curse.

The parchment read:

The Last Laugh
You’ll be next!

Kaylessa Irkell has never heard of Valklondar.

Mother Yalanta said this about him:

“..and to be honest, he wasn’t one of my favorites. kinda mean-spirited actually. anyway, he came in on a traveling caravan…mmmm…three ten-days ago. he was a traveling peddler. tried to make a quick coin. most people didn’t trust him. tryin’ to make a quick coin. The only other bit is that he kept talkin’ about seein’ some ill omen in the hills, not far from town. no one believed him, ’o course, given his demeanor.”


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