Vizeran Devir

Drow Wizard and Elder Elemental Eye Cultist


As Described to Templeton by The Dark Lady:

As a cultist of the Elder Elemental Eye, Vizeran helped build the drow temple that was uncovered by the Bessilmir Dwarves called The Fane of The Eye. Vizeran crafted 4 elemental weapons – each connected to a different prince of elemental evil.

- Wind Vein = a silver spear connected to Yan-C-Bin, the air prince. Wind Vein is currently in the possession of Aerisi Kalinoth.

- Iron Fang = a solid iron war pick connected to Ogre-Mach, the earth prince. Iron Fang is currently in the possession of Marlos Urnrayle.

- Tinder Strike = a flint dagger connected to Emix, the fire prince. Tinder Strike is currently in the possession of Vanifer.

- Drown = A Bronze trident with sea shell and barnacle adornment linked to Al-Hydra, the water prince. Drown is currently in the possession of Gar Shatterkeel.

Puck’s master Scandarian was also researching Vizeran before his death.

Vizeran Devir

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