Wiggin Nettlebee

Old Hobbit Farmer - deceased


Old Timer Hobbit Farmer


Stories told around the Nettlebee Farm had old Wiggin saying that the queer goings on were on account of fire witches.

In truth, Wiggin himself and his son were seemingly responsible for burning The Barrowmound near the Nettlebee Farm. Wiggin refused to speak with the party when they stopped by the Nettlbee Farm to investigate the matter. When they went into the tomb, he stealthily followed them and summoned an earth elemental using a scroll to try and seal them in the tomb. He did not count on Kareep getting out. Wiggin and his son fled butKareep killed his son with a javelin of lightning. That stopped old man Wiggin in his tracks. The old hobbit still had some fight in him and he went after Kareep. He did not last long against the ranger, however, getting pierced repeatedly with lance attacks and viscous raking Aurakokra talons before bleeding out and paying Mornay’s Wages.

Wiggin Nettlebee

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