The Wild Goose Chase

The party continued to track Lizzie in a seemingly hopeless cat and mouse game. Her greater invisibility was keeping her hidden from sight and she always seemed to be a step or two ahead of us. A barrage of magic missiles into Badding gave the party some clue as to the direction, but she was doing a great job of remaining undetected. Templeton used his helm of telepathy to try and detect the wizard’s thoughts but was unable to get within 30 feet of her. He even tried calling her the most terrible names he could think of to try and get her to attack him and give up her position. But she either didn’t hear him or was not fooled. Quintus found signs of blood that he was able to track. At one point he found blood going two different directions. Templeton called out for him to touch the blood thinking one set was illusory. Indeed one of the blood trails whisked away upon Quintus touch. Lizzie was crafty, Templeton had been fooled by her tricks once but was not going to be fooled again.


Finally Templeton saw her for a moment. He spell had finally run out and she was visible once more. She cursed and ran around a corner. Templeton yelled for Brenn to give chase. He was only to happy to comply. But as he raced around the corner he saw the huge firepit opening up beneath him over the ledge and Lizzie flying across. She laughed at the chasm that was between her and Brenn.

Brenn pulled out his bow and took aim. His first shot went wide right and Lizzie laughed. He lined up the second shot much better and the arrow found its mark sinking deep into her thigh. It was but a flesh wound and the first real damage that had been done to her. But it was enough to break her concentration on the fly spell. With a confused look of despair, Lizzie plummeted to a fiery death into a large pool of lava. Brenn cocked his head to the side and said, “Huh. Well I guess that’s the end of her.”

Templeton ran up behind him and saw the smoke rising from the bloody lava splash. “What a wonderfully delightful end to a most wicked whore. Well done indeed, Brenn. The Daltrey’s always pay their debts. The debt is now paid.”


The party then went back to the hidden room behind the curtain that housed the Chimera. Inside Templeton found a secret floor plate under a desk which revealed Lizzie’s spellbook. Puck salivated as he looked it over. It contained the following spells:

Firebolt, light, mage hand, prestidigitation, detect magic, mage armor, minor illusion, shield, magic missile, misty step, suggestion, fly, fireball, greater invisibility, wall of fire, immolation, counterspell.

Then the party opened the red door and heard the foul laughter of two horned devils. Badding was first to enter and invoked his Turn the Faithless ability. His ancient words of pure goodness burned the infernal ears of the devils. One of them was so overcome that he ran as far away from Badding as he could get. The remaining devil was so affronted by the horrible ancient words that he focused all his attacks on Badding. Its two pronged fork stabbed into the paladin and its nasty tail cut deep delivering nasty poison to the wound. The horrible wounds bled quite profusely.


Brenn and Quintus came in and launched attacks on the remaining devil, flanking the creature. Even though they cut deep and Templeton’s bolts struck true, it continued to focus its attacks on Badding by hurling a blast of fire at the paladin. The brave knight went down, releasing the other devil from its turned state. Puck then came into the room and cast banishment. The heavily wounded horned devil disappeared – cast away back to its home plane. But the other fresh devil moved up to attack Puck. The brave little gnome was hurt badly but still was able to maintain concentration on his banishment spell, keeping the other devil away.

Quintus healed Badding but the devil tore into him anew cutting down the Aarokokra. Brenn and Quintus surrounded the devil again and Puck got off to safety down the hall. Brenn used his action surge to make 4 attacks against the horned devil and really cut into him. Templeton continued to shoot from hiding. Quintus used spare the dying spell to stabilize Badding but the magical bleeding wounds continued to bleed. So instead he used a medikit with his excellent medic experience to field dress the wounds and stop the bleeding. Brenn had the final blow cutting down the infernal creature.


What's behind the Curtain?


Having finally freed themselves of the endless battles in the infamous hallway, the party decided to further explore the complex. Templeton turned invisible and began sneaking about using his message spell to report back and keep everyone apprised of his explorations. Some empty rooms were discovered as well as some filled with ancient dwarven gears from the times of the Bessilmir. A pool of water was discovered to the west. To the east was a room that smelled of death and another that had some possible treasure. Finally a room was discovered with a curtain in it. Thinking the curtain was hiding something Brenn ran up grabbed a hold and tried to tear it down. Unfortunately he came face to face to the large snout of a chimera’s dragon head which belched forth flame over he and much of the rest of the party.


The beast then emerged and began to battle with its three different heads. Bashing its horned goat’s head into Badding, biting with its cougar head, and continuing to breath flame with its dragon head. Brenn and Badding tried to flank the creature but found its many heads prevented such tactics from working. Badding received the brunt of the damage after failing a number of saves and being really cooked by the flames.


Soon 4 little magmen came out from behind the curtain as well. Creatures of pure fire they tried to touch Brenn and Badding to ignite them with more fire. Before entering the fight Puck wisely drank a fire resistance potion and Templeton stayed clear of the fray firing deadly bolts from hiding in the next room. Quintus moved up and lent his sword to the fight as well.


Suddenly a door opened and out came a human female wizard fire cultist named Lizzie. She lobbed a fireball right in the middle of the party and then ducked back inside her room for cover. After doing this a few times and dropping Badding down with singed feathers to bleed to death, Brenn and Templeton had had enough. They burst into her room but she was nowhere to be found. Out in the main room another spell blast rocked the party. Grumbling, Brenn and Templeton gave chase to their invisible tormentor. Templeton listened carefully and heard her moving out onto the bridge of rock over the chasm. He and Brenn moved quickly out to intercept but found nothing. Puck even sent a lightning bolt sailing down the center of the bridge but it seemingly hit nothing. Then Quintus heard some giggling as another spell blasted down the hallway from the east. A well placed minor illusion of Lizzie had fooled Templeton and the rest. The chimera had been cut down and the 4 magmen destroyed releasing a fiery explosion each time one of them were killed, but Lizzie was still at large.


Templeton yelled in frustration and called out, ‘Well played my dear. I don’t think we were properly introduced. My name is Templeton Daltrey of the Waterdeep Daltreys. The Daltreys always pay their debts. I must insist that the game is not yet over. A time will come when you think yourself safe and happy and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth and you’ll know the debt is paid."

New Blood
Hellos and Farewells...

The battle with the Fire Cultists in the dreaded inescapable hallway raged on. Kareep’s summoned Dire Wolves were slain by the cultists. But Puck laid down multiple Ice Storm spells freezing the hell hounds and Salamanders to death. Templeton was in a good potion around a corner laying down deadly fire from Sky Piercer. Kareep had been burned by hell hound breath, skewered by Hot Salamander Spears and shot by fiery bolts from the fire cultists. Kareep finally could take no more and collapsed from his wounds. Suddenly a swirling portal of light appeared next to him. A human in half plate with a sword and wooden shield leaped out followed by a huge Aarakocra in a shining breastplate wielding a large morning star. The Aarakocra screamed, grabbed Kareep’s unconscious body and hurled him through the portal which then suddenly swirled away to mist.



The human fighter and Aarakocra joined the battle on the side of the party and helped finish off the fire cultists. They fought well. Templeton thought he recognized the human. He was wearing Waterdavian clothing, but he couldn’t quite remember his name. The battle instantly turned against the fire cultists and the party won the day. After some quick healing and searching of the enemies, some introductions were in order.


Brenn Buckman told Templeton Daltrey that he had been sent here by his father Renton Daltrey. Renn produced a scroll with a hand written note with perfect lettering. Renn read the scroll aloud to the group and did so in a voice that sounded ominously familiar to Templeton.


I am glad to hear you are actually doing something with the little task I put you on, and not drunkenly chasing whores about the night houses for once. But of course, when I received word of your “progress,” I had no idea that your involvement would bring disaster on the little hamlet of Red Larch. SO very disappointing. At first I couldn’t believe it, a no nothing town being laid to waste like that, so I sent your courageous brother to bring me an honest full report. He brought me real information I could rely on and craft a strategy for my trade routes in that area. Upon his successful return and reading the report, I see the situation is far worse than you have led on. IF you want a seat at my table Templeton, you must provide great intel to help the cause. So, it is obvious you will need help, I am sending a trusted scout from one of my last triumphant military campaigns, Brenn Buckman. He has served me well and is very aware of the virtues of Daltrey loyalty. He will do his job so you can do yours. See to it he is paid handsomely for his work, 1,000 GP, because as you know very well, a Daltrey always pays their debts.

Do not continue to disappoint me,
Renton Daltrey

Templeton slapped his hand to his head and exclaimed in exasperation and defeat. He asked if anyone would like a drink, because he certainly needed one. Brenn took the drink of wine offered and drank heartily with Templeton. And in a token of good faith and fellowship, he ignited the blade of his magical flame tongue sword and burned Renton Daltery’s letter away to ash.

Everyone was also quite curious about this new Aarokocra, Badding. Badding explained that according to the Aarokocra, the Elders of the flock in the Star Mounts had a vision that one of their kind would be involved in ending the rise of Elemental Evil in the Dessarin Valley. Knowing of Kareep of Goldenfields, they had been scrying on the party for the last five days. Fearing for the worst they prepared their friend Brenn and one of their finest guardians Badding to intervene if necessary. When Kareep fell they invoked the power of their Deity, the Great Bird in the Sky, creating a portal to save Kareep and send Brenn and Badding to help put an end to the fire cultists.

Pushing Further into the Fire Temple

With their leader Bastian Thermander dead, the fight went out of the remaining cultists and hobgoblins. Most fought on and were cut down but one of the fire priests tried to escape by using a minor image of himself to distract Templeton and get him to waste a crossbow shot while he snuck across the high heat column area. Puck, however, gave chase wound up close enough to see the cultist from the ankles down escaping up the stairs. That was all Puck needed to unleash a full volley of magic missiles from his wand to blast the life out of him. His limp body flopped down the stairs to finally rest at the edge of heat room in a bloody mess.


A quick search of the bodies revealed some treasure. Bastian Thermander had a purse of 90 GP and a potion of fire breath. Puck took possession of the potion.

At last the party was able to push further into the fire temple. There they found mostly undefended quarters of hobgoblins, priests, and ogres who had been marshaled by Bastian Thermander to fight against the party in the main hallway. Bastian’s room was smoky and lit by 4 separate coal stoves. Inside was a desk with some writings. They described various ledgers and accounts pertaining to the enslavement of the Azers and Salamanders by Sephabodis Wuwiad Taddaahiz the efreet and their production of weaponry for the cult. Templeton took the damning papers and put them in his pack as evidence.

The party also found stashed away, 3 potions of fire resistance (Quintus, Puck, and Kareep), 1 potion of greater healing (Quintus), and a Stone of Luck (Templeton). There were also 36 SP and 19 GP. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.


A large tunnel to the southwest took the form of a huge bridge that spanned a giant chasm. Kareep used his ranger powers to sniff the air and examine the ground to divine that to the southwest across the chasm were 8-9 humanoids and 4 elementals. To the southeast 6-7 humanoids were detected. And directly east were 4 more elementals.

Another rest was taken in order to get to full strength to confront these threats. All seemed quiet but of course Templeton sprung a trap again in the main hallway. Two fire cultists were waiting for the party with 4 Salamanders and 2 hell hounds.


The fight was difficult from the start with all attacks being focused on Templeton while everyone else caught up. The hell hounds fiery breath was dodged and evaded by Templeton’s quick reaction but one of the Salmander’s hit him with his red hot spear and grappled him with his constricting tail. Kareep had summoned dire wolves for Puck and Quintus to ride in order for them to keep up quietly. Puck managed to blast the Salamanders and Hell Hound with an ice storm spell. It worked perfectly really hurting the Salamanders who were vulnerable to cold and forming a slippery coating of difficult terrain to slow their advance on the party.


Kareep’s wolves were able to hold off the enemy while Quintus made his way over to heal the fallen Templeton who had been felled by the Salamander’s deadly spears. After being healed, Templeton was able to dart back down the hall and take cover around the corner. From there he launched many heavy bolts from Sky Piercer that found their mark in the form of deadly sneak attacks. Quintus was in the thick of the fray hewing mightily with FoeCleaver – his Greatsword Sun Blade.

Bastian Strikes Back...
...But is Finally Laid Low

The party snuck back to the hiding spot they had carved into the rock of the temple using the Claws of the Umberhulk. They took a short rest. After an hour they took some hit dice of healing but heard some voices. Templeton was unable to scan them using his helm of telepathy. All was quite, So Templeton snuck out. The party snuck all the way down to the stairs leading up to the hobgoblin quarters when the trap was sprung.

The party was surrounded by 2 hell hounds, 10 hobgoblins, and 5 fire cultists including Bastian Thermander who had somehow been hiding invisibly right in the area of the party’s hiding spot. A large battle erupted as the party fought to try and get back together and find some cover.


At one point in the battle Templeton created some cover for himself by using a silent image of a large briar patch. He and Kareep used it as cover. But when Bastian hurled a fireball and the fire did not alter the image at all, the fire cultists saw through the illusion. Kareep was able to slow the advance of the hobgoblins by casting a summon animals spell. He conjured 2 giant octopi that filled the southern hall. The hobgoblins spent many rounds trying to fight their way past, allowing the party to focus on Bastian Thermander.


And focus they did Bastian Thermander was hit by bolts and Kareep’s lance and Puck even went toe to toe with him while under a blur spell. In the end, Bastian was overwhelmed and fell but not before hurting the party mightily. Although he had fallen the hobgoblins and other fire cultists fought on.

Bastian Escapes

The battle in the Fire Temple raged on with Puck creating a Bigby’s Hand spell that appeared next to Bastian Thermander and smashed into him. It also get the group of enemies occupied and unable to get past. Bastian unleashed a full volley of magic missiles into Kareep but the lucky bird man had a brooch of shielding which completely protected him from that spell. Quintus used stone shape to make a small hole in the stone door that the cultist was holding shut and blasted him with a scared flame through the door forcing him to let go and allow him to escape. Bastian teleported away from Puck’s Hand spell using misty step but Puck used the hand to push a GUardian into the lava and burn him up.

Eventually all of the enemies were slain but when the party pressed Bastian Thermander, he vanished using some sort of teleportation magic to escape. The bodies were searched yielding 50 GP of odd coinage. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.


A Well Needed Rest

Templeton used his power of suggestion over Orgg, the hobgoblin standing guard outside the door to the room, to suggest he move along back to his barracks and leave the area. Orgg followed the commands after Templeton reminded him the Sephabodis Wuwiad Taddaahiz the efreet was not to be trifled with. With the way clear, the party snuck back out to the first room of the complex with the dead ogres they had first encountered.

Quintus used his Claws of the Umberhulk to burrow through the loose rock and through the actual solid rock beyond to form a new narrow passageway. He then further excavated a large 10 foot by 10 foot room beyond while Templeton and Kareep camouflaged the entrance. The party took refuge in the newly created space and began a much needed extended rest. They heard some movement and talking outside in the room in the middle of the rest but were not disturbed. When fully healed, Templeton snuck out to find 6 ogres on guard in the room.

Puck snuck out first and lit them up with a fireball. Quintus used his sacred flame, Kareep attacked with his lance, and Templeton fired his crossbow from beyond the camo blind. The ogres got in a couple of attacks but could not hit anyone. All 6 were killed without the party getting hurt at all.


The party then went back down to where they had learned the hobgoblins had their guardpost. Quintus’ noisy armor alerted them, but Templeton was ready. The first hobgoblin down the stairs suddenly found a heavy crossbow bolt tearing through his throat. Puck then came down and unleashed a storm sphere spell that created a swirling mass of wind on the stairs keeping the hobgoblins at bay. Puck was able to repeatedly launch lightning bolts out of the storm sphere to smash into the hobgoblins. Templeton would hide around the corner and take out a hobgoblin each round. Once they readied longbow fire to hit him, but Templeton created an illusion of himself that drew the hobgoblins fire.


In all 10 hobgoblins were slain. But their hobgoblin captain survived. Two eternal Flame Priests and two guardians were in support of them. The 2 priests each hurled a fireball every round. It really damaged everyone but Templeton who managed to dodge and evade the flames. Then from the north more threats came. Bastian Thermander, a fire genasi wizard took on Puck. Puck tried to cast banishment on him and Bastion countered the spell. Another fireball from Bastian finally took Puck out. Puck’s concentration on his Storm Sphere was finally broken and the guardians and hobgoblin captain rushed down the stairs. But Quintus managed to heal Puck and they took cover in the rooms by the prison. Two additional guardians came up in support of Bastian Thermander. Kareep summoned a giant constrictor snake that appeared right in front of Bastian to slow him down.

Templeton took careful aim and shot a wounded guardian right through the eye for a critical hit that killed him instantly.


Freeing the Azers

Templeton communicated with the 2 Azers via his Helm of Telepathy. He learned from them that they wanted to free more of their kind which were imprisoned in the cells to the north. Moving up to that area, they found there were more cultists, however, blocking the way. Two Flamewraths (fire magic wizard types) and 2 guardians were in their rooms adjacent to the cells. A battle began with these where one of the flamewraths used his hypnotic pattern spell to incapacitate Puck and one of the Azers. This took Puck out for many rounds. Quintus and Kareep were still badly wounded from the previous encounter so they had to be careful they did not go down.

Kareep used his gem of brightness to blind the other flamewrath and Quintus pounded on him repeatedly with the blessings of Tempus and FoeCleaver. Templeton used the boon given to him by The Revenant to turn into gaseous form and waft past the guards towards the cells holding the other imprisoned Azers. He then returned to physical form, opened one of the cell doors and used his mage hand to open another of the prison doors 30 feet down the hall.


As a result 5 Azers were freed and came running out of their cells to join the battle. But Templeton’s moment of triumph was short lived as another hypnotic pattern went off catching himself and many of the freed Azers and lulled them into an incapacitated state. But the Flamewrath could not keep his concentration on more than one of those spells so Puck was now free to rejoin the battle.

Two quick fireballs went off and engulfed Puck, Quintus, and Kareep hurting them badly. So badly that Quintus went down burnt to a crisp. Kareep healed him and got him back into the fight and the Azers finally turned the tide and pounded the remaining cultists into pulpy bloody messes.

The Azers warned Templeton not to open the other cell doors because they contained Salamanders. The Azers thanked Templeton and marched off down the hall fading away to their home plane of elemental fire.

A quick search of the rooms and bodies yielded only 50 GP and no other info. The Master Party Treasure List was updated. In order to rest up the party holed up in one of the Flamewrath’s rooms adjacent to the cells. Puck cast his Leomund’s Shelter Spell, placing the wall right in front of the door. Templeton used his immovable rod to secure the stone door from opening.

Fort minutes into the rest there was a knock on the door. Templeton reached out with his Helm of Telepathy to scan the thoughts of the person knocking and discovered it to be a hobgoblin. Templeton used the power of the helm to plant a suggestion in the head of the hobgoblin named Orgg that he was the efreet Sephabodis Wuwiad Taddaahiz and that he would follow his orders and answer his questions.

There was some sort of argument on the other side of the door and other hobgoblins were clearly arguing with Org and then marched off with Orgg remaining behind to guard the door as instructed. A short rest was completed but 40 minutes after the first interruption, more hobgoblins were back.


Puck versus the Efreet

The battle with the remaining Razerblast got a little more interesting when the explosion of its brethren brought a warband of hobgoblins to investigate. Four hobgoblins and a hobgoblin warlord arrived with bows and javelins from the western passage to attack.


Puck lit them up with some well paced fireballs and the razerblast was finally defeated with some well placed crossbow bolts from Templeton. The hobgoblin warlord carried 20 GP and 2 bloodstones worth 50 GP each. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

After a little healing, the western passage was explored only to find it impassable due to some very extreme heat emanating from support pillars in the room.

Traveling to the south part of the complex revealed a huge room with lava pools and creatures hard at work blacksmithing. There were 3 Azers and 1 Salamander that were working hard at giant anvils with hammers. Four fire cult guardians, 2 Razerblasts, and 1 huge efreet were watching over them as they worked. They were so intent on their work and making so much noise from the metalcrafting that they had not noticed the previous battle.


A plan was hatched where Puck would invisibly sneak down into range and attempt to banish the efreet to his home plane with a banishment spell. Templeton wold be ready to fire crossbow bolts, Kareep would be ready to swoop down and attack, and Quintus would jump down the stairs into position using his boots of jumping but staying far back at the start in order to not alert them to the party’s presence with his noisy armor.

Everyone moved into position perfectly. Puck unleashed his banishment spell, but the efreet resisted its effects by making his save. The rest of the party launched their attacks but the battle quickly got out of hand. Puck tried another time to banish the efreet and again failed. The huge creature tried to ignite a wall of flame around the party but Puck countered it with his magic dissipating the spell. Kareep hurled his javelin of lightning and successfully lit up most of the enemies with a bolt of lighting. Quintus summoned a spiritual weapon and used mostly ranged spells at first.

With all the enemies still in the fight (including the efreet), Kareep started to squawk with panic in his eyes. Everyone was yelling that some sort of retreat was necessary. But then suddenly the Azers attacked the guardians by pushing them into lava pools and smashing them with hammers. The Salamander who had been hit by Kareep looked at the Aaurokokra with hate in his eyes, but then suddenly turned and attacked the efreet.

This sudden turn of events emboldened the party. Puck stepped up and once more went for broke casting his last spell as a banishment of the efreet. The third time was a charm and the efreet lost his save and was hurtled back the elemental plane of fire by Puck’s magic. The tide of the battle had definitely turned.


Puck ran away and hid because if he were to maintain his concentration on the spell for a full minute, the efreet would not be able to return. So the little gnome snuck back down the hallway and around the corner. Templeton and Quintus got into position to block anyone trying to pursue him. The Azers seemed to be fighting against both the salamander and the cultists whilst the salamander was fighting against everyone. The party took advantage and sided with the Azers. Kareep used his gem of brightness to bind the Salamander with a focused beam of light. That helped the Azers who pounded on it with their hammers. In the end all enemies were destroyed with 2 of the Azers surviving.

The Azers spoke a strange gravelly language. Puck had a comprehend languages spell going and could understand them, but could not speak back to them. Templeton used his Helm of Telepathy to speak to the Azers through their minds. He made peace with them and promised to help them free their brothers who were imprisoned here and help them get back to their home plane. The Azers told Templeton that the Efreet had imprisoned them here. The efreet’s name name was Sephabodis Wuwiad Taddaahiz. When Templeton explained that Puck’s magic had forced him back to his home plane and would not allow him to return, the Azers were relieved and said they expected he would be punished by his masters in the city of brass for failing his mission.


Entering the Temple of Eternal Flame

After having a very enlightening if not utterly frightening visit and parlay with The Dark Lady of Rundreth Manor, the group decided it must confront the base levels of the fire cult and water cult which had yet to be dealt with before going deeper into the The Fane of The Eye. After ensuring the the wall of stone put in place by the earth elemental myrmidons was still in place, the group moved down the northwestern passage towards the fire cult.

Widget led the way down the miles of tunnel until he saw a light ahead. Templeton snuck up invisibly with darkvision to find a group of 6 ogres guarding the passageway. He used his new helm of telepathy to scan their surface thoughts and found that they were thinking about being hungry and about guarding this area from anyone trying to get through. Kareep summoned 2 dire wolves. Quintus rode one and Puck and Templeton rode the other. The moved swiftly and quietly down the passage and into the room. Quintus cast a silence spell to seal the ogres off from raising an alarm. Then Puck blasted them twice with fireballs. One of the dire wolves was lost but all 6 ogres were slain.


Templeton scouted ahead beyond the silence and found a curtain draped across the passage. He peaked beyond the curtain and found some sort of fire cultists on guard. He was wearing plate armor that seemed to burn with fire. He may have been human once but now he was some sort of creature made from fire and pain. Templeton shot him with his heavy crossbow with surprise and everyone rushed out to attack. It turned out there was another guard around the corner who joined the fight. The two razerblasters were incredibly tough. They had 3 attacks with their spears per round and took a ton of damage to bring down. One had been defeated and when it died it exploded in a burst of flame and shrapnel.



The other razerblaster is still battling the party…


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