Master Party Treasure List


Current Coinage:
Templeton Daltrey – 3404 GP, 7 SP, 3 CP
Puck – 1399 GP, 2 SP, 3 CP
Kareep of Goldenfields – 3009 GP, 2 SP, 3 CP
Quintus Andronicus – 0 GP, 2 SP, 3 CP
Brenn Buckman – 7,574 GP

Templeton Daltrey owes 100 GP each to Quintus Andronicus, Puck, and Kareep of Goldenfields (30 GP was fronted to each to keep them on retainer – 70 GP was paid out upon incorporation of adventuring company).

Puck borrowed 25 GP from Templeton Daltrey, Quintus Andronicus, and Kareep of Goldenfields in order to purchase a 100 GP pearl for use in the identify spell. Everyone was paid back by Puck.

Templeton Daltrey purchased 10 silvered bolts from Feng Ironhead for 100 GP.

The Harness: spent 50 GP for Puck’s leather flying harness from Phaendra Chanceril

Imdarr Relvaunder cast remove curse on Templeton Daltrey for a 100 GP donation to the temple (50 GP of Templeton’s own money and 50 GP of party treasure.

The Bandit Camps
13 GP spent
74 SP-spent
-99 CP
50 GP worth of goods which were sold spent on remove curse
2 Black Pearls worth 50 GP each spent
Potion of HealingKareep – used

Puck and Kareep each got 50 GP (allocated) from Constable Harbruck after putting an end to the The Bandits of Dessarim Valley.

The Ghost in the Ruins
Half Ogress = Ring of Braided Silver worth 25 GP divided

Templeton purchased 2 potions of healing from Imdar – 1 for Kareep and one for himself
Potion of HealingKareep – used
Potion of Healing Templeton Daltrey used

Lance Rock
Wand of Magic MissilesPuck
Lord of Lance Rock SpellbookPuck
165 sp spent
78 gp 64 GP spent
4 polished jet black stones (50 GP each) divided
50 gp (from Kaylessa Irkell for clearing out Lance Rock.
36 GP spent and 14 GP are left. divided

Templeton purchased 3 Potions of Healing from Imdarr (1 for Kareep, 1 for Puck, and 1 for himself) : all used

Temple of Moving Stones
440cp 40 CP divided
253sp 3 SP divided
97gp 11 GP divided
6 small agates (5pg each) – divided
-2 moonstones (50gp each)
Reszur – enchanted dagger – Templeton Daltrey
4 Mirabar Iron Trade Bars – 5 GP each
Templeton purchased a dwarven book from Endrith Vallivoe believed to be from Bruldenthar for 40 GP

Feathergale Spire
Templeton purchased 2 Potions of Healing and a riding horse for 175 GP – used the potions
Puck won a golden ring worth 250 GP divided
Chests with 887 GP total divided
Potion of HeroismQuintus Andronicus
Spell Scroll of Beast BondKareep of Goldenfields
Spell Scroll of Sky WritePuck
4 Suits of Wingwear – each party member wears one except Kareep
3 Trained Hippogriffs with saddles and skyriding tack

Templeton Daltrey spent 22 GP on information, lodging, and whoring -updated
Puck, Quintus, and Kareep spent 2 GP each on food and lodging -updated
Each party member purchased a potion of healing – 200 GP total – updated -50 GP each

Keep on the River
Jolliver Grimjaw – book and key taken by Kareep
Chest – 30 GP and 80 SP – divided
2 Spell Scrolls – Haste and Wall of Water – both taken by Puck
Silk Pouch – 4 jaspers (70 GP each) – divided
Chest – 600 GP – divided
Chest – 450 EP and pouch with 15 blue azurites (10 GP each) – divided
Kareep and Templeton used their potions of healing. Kareep took Quintus’s potion so Puck and Kareep are now the only ones with potions of healing.

Southeast Tower – leather satchel containing – 70 GP, 12 PP, and 6 agates worth 10 GP each – divided

Reavers = 12 GP – divided

Large Boat
Casks of Ale, Salted Fish, Pelts
3 Malachite (10 GP each), 190 SP, 95 GP, Potion of Healing (Quintus took it) – divided
3 Dwarven Tomes matching the one’s Templeton was looking for

Sigfrid Holden and his Magic Boat
Kareep of Goldenfields traded his Orb and 800 Gold Coins for Anosa Soreen and a Javelin of Lightning. Templeton Daltrey traded Reszur and 750 GP (50 GP pitched in by a very helpful Kareep) for Sky Piercer and Gloves of Thievery. Puck spent 600 GP and traded his Wingwear, lens, and a scroll of wall of water for a Pearl of Power, Cloak of Protection, and Wand of the Warmage. Quintus traded in his wingwear and spent 800 gold coins in exchange for Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a Greatsword + 1.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner gifted each party member a potion of healing – each party member now has 2 potions except Templeton who has only 1.

Monastery of the Sacred Stone
The Abbess = Key from around her neck
Chest = 800 SP 65 PP 12 Turquoise Stone worth 10 GP each – divided

Spell Scrolls – Dust Devil, Erupting Earth, Earthbind, Transmute Rock to Mud, and Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp – Puck
locked iron coffer – 120 GP, 90 ep, golden priestly vestments, 2 gold bracelets (30 GP each) – divided

Puck used one of his potions of healing leaving Puck and Templeton with 1 potion of healing and Kareep and Quintus with 2 potions.

Ogre Jailors:
90 GP and 40 EP (divided)

The Crypt
The crypt was searched and Kareep found 2 rings. One was made of silver with inset rubies worth 600 GP (divided). The other was made of gold but was enchanted. Puck identified the ring as a ring of fire resistance. Kareep kept the item and attuned himself to it

The Revenant Boons:
Kareep was given A Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power and a boon that allows him to use the effects of a Potion of Speed twice. Templeton received a boon that allows him to use the effects of a Potion of Gaseous Form twice. Puck received a boon granting him the power of a Potion of invisibility twice. And finally Quintus received a boon granting him the power of a Potion of Stone Giant Strength twice.

Kareep purchased 6 Acid Javelins from Feng Ironhead for a total of 300 GP.

Fire Cult
werewolves = 20 GP – divided
bugbears = 55 GP + 42 SP -divided

Elizar: Dagger+1Puck
97 GP on various fire cultists – divided
Small Chest = 250 GP, 2 fire opals (50 GP each), Fire Arrows Spell ScrollTempleton Daltrey

Red Larch
Purchased 6 Potions of Healing (300 GP total off treasure before split up)
Puck – purchased 10 silvered crossbow bolts for 100 GP
Kareep purchased a silvered javelin for 100 GP and put an order in for 6 acid javelins
Continual Flame Stone – 50 GP each – Templeton, Quintus, and Kareep
Templeton – purchased 2 vials of acid and a healer’s kit (55 GP)
Quintus purchased silver-laced knuckle bones for augury spell (40 GP)

Hill Giant and Manticore Lair
50 GP – divided
3 Rubies (50 GP each) – divided
Earth Elemental Gem – Templeton
Greater Healing Potion – Templeton
Water Breathing Potion – Quintus

Flute – exquisitely made worth >100 GP – Templeton
Pouch – 3 gems (worth 50 GP each) – divided
Platinum Ring with inset stones – worth 100 GP – divided

Templeton and Kareep both gave their continual light stones away to the escaping prisoners.

Kaz Hanar
2 gems worth 20 GP each – divided

2 gems worth 10 GP each – divided
5 Seeker Darts – These one use items have a 120 foot range and automatically hit any creature that the thrower has seen. They even go around corners. The target must make a DC 16 DEX save or take 1d4 piercing damage and 3d4 lightning damage.

Aerisi Kalinoth
Platinum Torc – 1600 GP – divided
4 golden rings adorned with sapphires – 1000 GP each – divided
Diadem – 6400 GP. – divided

Aerisi’s Spellbook – Puck
Cantrips – Mage Hand, Shocking Grasp, Ray of Frost, Message, Prestidigitation, Gust
1st – Charm Person, Mage Armor, Feather Fall, Thunderwave
2nd – Invisibility, Gust of Wind, Dust Devil
3rd – Fly, Gaseous Form, Lightning Bolt
4th – Ice Storm, Storm Sphere
5th – Cloudkill, Seeming
6th – Chain Lightning

Ring of Free Action – Templeton

4 Flasks of Bottled Breath. When drunk, the imbiber has a choice to either exhale a gust of wind as per the spell or hold their breath for up to 1 hour or until they speak. – one taken by each party member (assumed to be a gift from Ahtayir).

Skyweaver – 20 GP – divided

Frying Pan into the Fire – 42 GP in odd coinage – divided

Cloaker Lair – 150 GP in coins and gems – divided

Giant Worm Skeleton – Bag of Holding and Potion of Greater Healing – Templeton

Umber Hulk Nest:
92 GP of scattered coinage – divided
miniature electrum anvil worth 150 GP – divided
Immovable Rod – Templeton

Dwarven Crypt:
Ring of Jumping with a minor temperate enchantment upon it which allows the wearer to be comfortable in temps between -20 and 120 F = Quintus

Gloves of Missile Snaring with a minor enchantment of illusion upon them allowing the wearer to alter their appearance to whatever type gloves they wish = Templeton

Red Larch:
Puck spent 800 GP on copying spells into his spellbook from Aerisi Kalinoth
Kareep made 2 antitoxin and 2 potions of healing for 115 GP
Quintus bought huge crowbar for 2 GP

Gentleman of Presence:
Templeton traded with the Lich, giving it Figurine of Wondrous Power and Enchanted Boomerang in exchange for an Amulet of Health = Kareep
The Gloves of Missile Snaring were traded for a Cloak of Elvenkind = Templeton

Nartham Burrowshark and duergar
90 GP – divided

Yarsha Stonemelder and earth cult guards
95 GP – divided

Guard Room: 15 GP, 5 PP, and 5 citrine gems worth 40 GP each. – divided

Miraj Vizann
Kareep used a Potion of Healing
220 GP, 9 black crystals worth 50 GP each, a potion of water breathing, and a crystal which turned out to be an elemental gem of water elemental summoning – divided

Kareep crafted two Potions of Healing.

Ettin Room – 2900 CP, 130 EP, ivory statue – 80 GP, pair of gold bracelets 30 GP each. – divided

Xharva Deem Smithy – 600 GP, 2 gold bracelets – 100 GP each, gold necklace worth 75- GP, 12 malachites 25 GP each, Claws of the UmberhulkQuintus Andronicus – divided

Heldorn Stonemelder Prison Room:
In the large wooden box: 230 SP, 6 azurites worth 10 GP each, and a wand of web – Puck – divided

Guard Room 1 = 20 GP – divided

Guard Room 2 = 210 SP, 140 EP, 6 obsidian flakes (10 GP each) – divided
Potion of Water Breathing (Templeton)
Potion of Greater Healing (Quintus)

Marlos Urnrayle Room
1100 SP, 130 PP – divided
Dragon Tapestry (400 GP), Carved Lyre (250 GP), Embroidered Silk Robe (80 GP) – divided
Elven Chainmail – chain shirt +1 to AC – Puck

Red Larch
Quintus purchased 4 uses of diamond dust for his revivify spell (1200 GP spent)
Quintus traded his +1 Greatsword (worth 500 GP) to Feng Ironhead in exchange for his Enduring Plate Mail and FoeCleaver – Greatsword Sun Blade costing 4000 GP each. Quintus spent the rest of his gold (3999 GP) and Kareep, Puck, and Templeton loaned him the remaining difference at 1167 GP each.

The Emerald Enclave Agent
Kareep traded his Ring of Fire Resistance and 600 GP for an Ion Stone of Reserve, a gem of brightness, and a potion of healing.
Templeton traded 600 GP for a Helm of Telepathy and a Potion of Healing.
Puck traded his wand of web and 2000 GP for a Cape of the Monteback.
Three more potions of healing were donated to the group as a gift from the Abbott. Two went to Quintus and 1 went to Templeton.

Hobgoblins in Fire Temple:
Warlord – 20 GP and 2 bloodstones worth 50 GP each

2 Flamewraths and 2 Guardians = 50 GP total

Bastian Thermander support goons = 50 GP
90 GP, Potion of Fire Breath (Puck)
3 potions of fire resistance (Quintus, Puck, and Kareep), 1 potion of greater healing (Quintus), and a Stone of Luck (Templeton). There were also 36 SP and 19 GP.
Bastian’s Ledger – evidence of the fire cult activities (Templeton)

Her spellbook was acquired with the following spells:
Firebolt, light, mage hand, prestidigitation, detect magic, mage armor, minor illusion, shield, magic missile, misty step, suggestion, fly, fireball, greater invisibility, wall of fire, immolation, counterspell.

Vanifer‘s Room
In an urn was 170 GP, 170 EP, and 10 sardonix gems worth 50 GP each. Some rare books in the bookcase were worth 250 GP. In the southeast corner of the complex a treasure pile was found including 517 cp, 1048 sp, 432 gp, 5 moonstones worth 50 GP each. A potion of Water Breathing (Brenn) and a silk pouch containing 1 use of Dust of Disappearance (Templeton). A spell scroll of Melf’s Minute Meteors (Puck) and a Wand of Magic Missiles (Quintus) was found.

Temple of the Crushing Wave
One-Eyed Shiver
30 GP, 12 PP, 12 garnets worth 100 GP each and two Potions of Greater Healing (Quintus and Brenn)

Lone Cleric Ambush – 30 GP

Dragon Turtle
700 GP, 440 EP, 6 gems worth 40 GP each, 4 onyx gems worth 70 GP each. The body of the shiver also had 10 GP.

Chest in Sea Hag Room
190 GP, 8 PP
Potion of Hill Giant Strength – Brenn
Potion of Fire Resistance – Quintus
Longsword +1 = bone sword with ruby encrusted hilt. Rubies glow when Dragons are near. = Badding

Gar Shatterkeel room chest
260 SP, 22 PP
Potion of Healing = Badding
Potion of Gaseous Form = Templeton.

Harpy Loot:
560 SP and 220 GP
Gold bracelet – 50 GP, silver ewer – 10 GP, 2 skull earrings – 50 GP each
Potion of Superior Healing – Templeton
Glowing Green Rod – Templeton
5 Magic Backpacks – They have the power to use levitate and feather fall – 1 each party member

Giant Room:
A Mummified Human Head, 160 GP, 22 PP, 3 red spirals worth 100 GP each, and 1 fire amethyst worth 150 GP.

Zegdar’s Room – Stone Coffer:
130 SP, 220 GP, and 10 hematites worth 50 GP each.

A leather pouch containing 91 GP, 2 garnets worth 100 GP each, and a Potion of Thunder Resistance was found. A crystal Breast Plate bearing the symbol of the earth cult was also found. It was a breastplate + 1.

Master Party Treasure List

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