The Emerald Enclave

The Emerald Enclave is an organization of druids and other nature worshipers. The actions of the Enclave influence the lives of the high and low, its members avoiding good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the growing influence of humankind. Despite their primary goal of preserving nature, members are not direct opponents of progress; they prefer instead to work with civilized folk to promote the health of the natural world without resorting to acts of violence.

The original aims of the Enclave were six-fold:
1. Preserve nature in all its forms
2. Control human expansion
3. Recognize that nature encompassed more than just forests
4. Agree that magic should not be used for mass destruction
5. Warn against the use of magic on a grand scale for fear of unexpected side effects
6. Present a united front to the outside world.

Kareep of Goldenfields, Puck, and Puck’s former master Scandarian are all known by the party to be members of the Emerald Enclave.


The Emerald Enclave

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