Wind Vein

A Silver Spear crafted by Vizeran Devir and placed in The Fane of The Eye. It was uncovered there by Aerisi Kalinoth who now wields the legendary weapon.

Windvane is an artifact level item holding much power in the form of elemental air magic. It is connected to Yan Si Bin, the elemental prince of air, and can be used to open a gate to the plane of air and allow the prince to come into this world.

The party slew Aerisi Kalinoth and claimed Windvane as their own. Puck identified the item to have the following properties:

- +2 silvered weapon
- Has the finesse property (feels almost insubstantial in hand)
- +2d6 lightning damage on a hit
- Wielder can speak Auran fluently
- Resistance to lightning
- 1/day can cast Dominate Monster (DC 17) on an Air Elemental.

There were additional nuances that were vague that identify was not able to determine. The power of the weapon overwhelmed the spell.

- Something to do with an air node. Maybe some power there?


Wind Vein

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