A Well Needed Rest

Templeton used his power of suggestion over Orgg, the hobgoblin standing guard outside the door to the room, to suggest he move along back to his barracks and leave the area. Orgg followed the commands after Templeton reminded him the Sephabodis Wuwiad Taddaahiz the efreet was not to be trifled with. With the way clear, the party snuck back out to the first room of the complex with the dead ogres they had first encountered.

Quintus used his Claws of the Umberhulk to burrow through the loose rock and through the actual solid rock beyond to form a new narrow passageway. He then further excavated a large 10 foot by 10 foot room beyond while Templeton and Kareep camouflaged the entrance. The party took refuge in the newly created space and began a much needed extended rest. They heard some movement and talking outside in the room in the middle of the rest but were not disturbed. When fully healed, Templeton snuck out to find 6 ogres on guard in the room.

Puck snuck out first and lit them up with a fireball. Quintus used his sacred flame, Kareep attacked with his lance, and Templeton fired his crossbow from beyond the camo blind. The ogres got in a couple of attacks but could not hit anyone. All 6 were killed without the party getting hurt at all.


The party then went back down to where they had learned the hobgoblins had their guardpost. Quintus’ noisy armor alerted them, but Templeton was ready. The first hobgoblin down the stairs suddenly found a heavy crossbow bolt tearing through his throat. Puck then came down and unleashed a storm sphere spell that created a swirling mass of wind on the stairs keeping the hobgoblins at bay. Puck was able to repeatedly launch lightning bolts out of the storm sphere to smash into the hobgoblins. Templeton would hide around the corner and take out a hobgoblin each round. Once they readied longbow fire to hit him, but Templeton created an illusion of himself that drew the hobgoblins fire.


In all 10 hobgoblins were slain. But their hobgoblin captain survived. Two eternal Flame Priests and two guardians were in support of them. The 2 priests each hurled a fireball every round. It really damaged everyone but Templeton who managed to dodge and evade the flames. Then from the north more threats came. Bastian Thermander, a fire genasi wizard took on Puck. Puck tried to cast banishment on him and Bastion countered the spell. Another fireball from Bastian finally took Puck out. Puck’s concentration on his Storm Sphere was finally broken and the guardians and hobgoblin captain rushed down the stairs. But Quintus managed to heal Puck and they took cover in the rooms by the prison. Two additional guardians came up in support of Bastian Thermander. Kareep summoned a giant constrictor snake that appeared right in front of Bastian to slow him down.

Templeton took careful aim and shot a wounded guardian right through the eye for a critical hit that killed him instantly.




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