Aerisi Kalinoth Showdown

Mono a Gnomo

The battle with Aerisi Kalinoth continued. Kareep suddenly flew at Aerisi and grabbed hold of her with his talons and fists. While the two pushed back and forth grappling, Kareep noticed something. His hands passed right through her Aerisi’s wings. It seems her wings were some form of illusion. Kareep wondered if she was really an elf. Kareep and Aerisi twisted around each other until Aerisi managed to cast a spell. A huge maelstrom of wind erupted around her. Lightning Bolts smashed into Kareep. But despite the gale force winds and blasts of lightning, Kareep’s iron grip on Aerisi held firm. Aerisi also called Ahtayir to her side. The Djinn came as bidden by his mistress completely unaffected by the raging maelstrom of wind. She commanded him to remove Kareep and kill him. With a look of sadness, Ahtayir complied blasting Kareep with a thunderwave. But the brave Aaurakokra still clung to Aerisi despite taking damage from the blast.


On the other side of the room, Templeton was surrounded by air cult initiates and still being hounded by what turned out to be an invisible stalker. He was hurt badly by the stalker and had to get back to Quintus. He disengaged the enemy, dove under the curtain, and came up sprinting towards the cleric. Quintus obliged by casting a healing spell on Templeton. The initiates gave chase and surrounded both Templeton and Quintus who were fighting side by side. Templeton raised his crossbow and then wham! He was hit twice by the invisible stalker. Both were critical hits striking him in the head. Templeton went down instantly and blood started pouring out of his ears.


Puck made his way invisibly towards the enchanted horn that summoned Ahtayir. But the raging maelstrom of wind prevented him from getting close enough to blow it. Kareep still grappling desperately with Aerisi, raked the elf queen with his talons. She cried out in pain and her concentration on her spell wavered. The gale force winds ceased as Ahtayir blasted Kareep once more with a thunderwave. The exhausted Aarokokra could hold on no longer. He tumbled 15 feet away from Aerisi.

But Kareep had managed to break Aerisi’s concentration on her spell and that was just the chance little Puck was waiting for. With the maelstrom of wind gone, he invisibly moved next to the horn and blew it. Ahtayir vanished and reappeared next to the now visible Puck and asked what command his new master would give. Puck’s brow furrowed as he struggled to think of a command that would help in the best way. Ahtayir looked at Puck and then looked at Aerisi and said, “Please, I beg of you… Let us be done with this once and for all… Destroy the horn and set me free.”

Puck hesitated for a moment more and then with the smile of grim determination, he blasted the horn with a firebolt spell – turning it to dust. Aerisi screamed in fury and turned invisible. She then unleashed a chain lightning spell that ripped into Kareep, Quintus, and Ahtayir. The mighty Djinn only grunted as the pain tore through him but Kareep and Quintus screamed as the lightning left smoking holes in their chests. They both collapsed, bleeding to death.

With Templeton, Quintus, and Kareep down it was last gnome standing. Little Puck stood his ground against the winged elf Queen. It was mono a gnomo. The two slung some spells back and forth and Puck used the enchanted seeking darts to hit Aerisi even though she was invisible. But with all his higher level spells depleted, Puck was outmatched and his friends were bleeding to death. But then by some miracle, Templeton stirred. Rolling a 20 on his death save, Templeton regained consciousness at 1 hit point. He drank a potion of healing himself and used his mage hand legerdemain to pour a healing potion down the throat of Quintus. He then rolled up on to his feet and made his way around the corner to try and get some cover. Templeton yelled for Ahtayir to come over and destroy the invisible stalker. The creature had not been hurt at all and was still hounding Templeton.

The Djinn obliged, moving closer. He watched carefully as Templeton was attacked once again by the invisible stalker. Ahtayir’s high intelligence enabled him to figure out which space the invisible creature was occupying. He then waved his hands to summon a powerful whirlwind. The swirling cyclone engulfed the invisible stalker and swept him up into the air, holding him in the vortex unable to escape.

Aerisi then struck again coating a large area with the an ice storm. The freezing ice badly hurt Quintus, Templeton, and even Kareep who was already bleeding to death. Kareep came very close to going from mostly dead to all dead until Quintus came over and used a healing potion to bring him back to the from death’s door.

Ahtayir thanked Puck once more for freeing him and said as his final gift that he would take the invisible stalker away with him back to the elemental plane of air. Nodding to each party member in turn he flew over to the swirling vortex, placed a hand on the stalker and used plane shift to leave the prime material, bringing the invisible stalker with him.

Aerisi Kalinoth then fled the battle using some sort of teleportation magic most likely. Templeton was the first to give chase, but somehow lost her. Puck was quite keen to not let her escape but there was no helping it. The party chased her all the way out of the pyramid but she had gotten away. Working their way back up to the throne room, Templeton searched the throne itself and found a hidden compartment in the back. Inside was a chest.

The chest was lined with silk and contained some items of elven make carefully packed into it. There was a platinum Torc worth 1600 GP, 4 golden rings adorned with sapphires worth 1000 GP each, and a diadem worth 6400 GP. A beautiful book written in a flowing elvish script was the spell book of Aerisi Kalinoth.


Aerisi’s Spells
Cantrips – Mage Hand, Shocking Grasp, Ray of Frost, Message, Prestidigitation, Gust
1st – Charm Person, Mage Armor, Feather Fall, Thunderwave
2nd – Invisibility, Gust of Wind, Dust Devil
3rd – Fly, Gaseous Form, Lightning Bolt
4th – Ice Storm, Storm Sphere
5th – Cloudkill, Seeming
6th – Chain Lightning

Templeton also found a secret compartment in the chest that was hiding an enchanted elven ring. It was a Ring of Free Action, which he put upon his finger. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.

The Four then made their way down to one of the empty initiate rooms to hide and take a short rest. The hour passed uneventfully. Needing to take along rest, Kareep led the party back to the caved in, dead-end tunnel. There he and Templeton built a blind and everyone hid behind it to try and make it through an extended rest without being found.




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