Charming the Air Myrmidon

Trying to make sure that there was nothing more hidden on this level, Quintus used his Claws of the Umberhulk to tunnel around the foul black smoke. He burst forth into a large room that smelled horribly of death. Bodies of many fire and earth cultists littered the floor in this room. As Quintus moved in the air swirled around him and in front of him materialized 3 air elemental Myrmidons. They each attacked Quintus in rapid succession and in 1 round brought him all the way to negative hit points. The brave cleric fell to the ground. Brenn ran in and dragged Quintus out of the room. Badding flew into the room and brandished Wind Vane. He spoke in Auran to the air elementals. He said that he had killed Aerisi Kalinoth and that he was now leader of the air cult. He then used the power of Wind Vane to dominate one of the air elemental myrmidons.


With one of the myrmidons under his control he convinced the other two to stand down. The dominated one was commanded to follow the party. He was then asked many questions about the conflict between the cults and what else was here. Eventually Badding commanded the myrmidon to attack the fire cultist minotaurs.

Next the party investigated an old sarcophagus. Brenn opened it enough for a glowing sword to come flying out and attacking everyone. Templeton got close enough to use his mage hand to search the inside of the sarcophagus only to find it filled with old bones and dust. Badding managed to save the day by casting a dispel magic that destroyed the flying sword after it had done some serious damage to the party and was clearly immune to physical attacks from Brenn and Quintus.


Templeton then turned invisible and scouted the minotaur area. He found a much larger complex than expected but was spotted by a nothic named Wyx. Apparently the air myrmidon had been destroyed by the minotaurs or it withdrew after getting hit by them. In any event, a battle had been started.


Zegdar – the minotaur chief and 3 other emberhorn minotaurs were attacking. Zegdar and and 1 other smushed past Wyx and were caught single file in the hallway defended by Badding, Quintus, and Templeton. While Puck and Brenn were surprised by the two others who had run around the other way.


In order to prevent a battle on two fronts, Puck wisely cast a Bigby’s interposing hand spell to block the southern passage and prevent the two minotaurs from getting through to himself and Brenn.




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