Down into the Black Geode

While Puck used his Bigby’s Hand spell to hold the southern group of minotaurs at bay, the battle with Zegdar and the Emberhorn Minotaurs in the northern tunnel continued. Templeton fired crossbow shots down the tunnel while Quintus and Badding tried to hold the line against the raging Minotaurs. But Zegdar was mighty indeed. He charged up the stairs and swung his huge axe at both of them and gored them with his deadly horns. Templeton fired again and withdrew hiding around the corner. Badding and Quintus withdrew thinking that the large creature would not be able to fit through the dwarf sized doorway.

Zegdar taught them that sometimes big creatures can fit through tiny holes. The giant minotaur smashed through the doorway as stone cracked and flew apart around him. He bowled over Brenn and Templeton as he raged through intent on killing the entire party. Viscous axe blows and gore attacks left many in the party bloodied and hurt badly. Puck made the dangerous decision to move the Bigby’s Hand. It opened the southern passageway but Puck used the hand to pummel Zegdar with deadly barrages from the clenched fist. Zegdar stumbled and then Templeton fired a bolt right into his eye and felled the beast.


Brenn filled the gap in the southern passage and managed to hold it, limiting the two minotaurs to attacking one at a time. It was just a matter of time before the were worn down and defeated. The rest of the level was finally explored revealing a room with two dead emberhorn minotaurs and the air elemental myrmidon that Badding had dominated with Wind Vane. It seems his command to attack the fire cult had worked and helped. In Zegdar’s room Templeton found a coffer filled with 130 SP, 220 GP, and 10 hematites worth 50 GP each. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.


The group took an extended rest in their hidey hole and went up to 11th level. Freshly rested and at full strength the group had many choices on how to proceed. There was the windy pit, the fire floating disc, the crystal caves. In the end the party decided to go down the crystal caves route. Brenn led the way down the long tunnels filled with glowing purple crystals. It finally led to a large cave guarded by 2 earth cultists. They had arrived at The Black Geode.

Templeton turned invisible and snuck past the two guards to explore the the other side of the chamber. There were two large statues but more importantly 2 huge earth elementals rose out of the earth to attack. They had detected the invisible Templeton with their tremorsense. Templeton was pummeled but he sprinted for the safety of his friends, warning them of the danger. Bren raced forward to help his little friend. A melee erupted between the two guards and the rest of the party with the elementals surfacing to attack as well.


As the earth elementals surfaced Templeton would fire readied shots at the creatures. Brenn, Badding, and Quintus hit the cultists with wicked melee attacks. And eventually all the creatures were laid low.

In the next area, a strange earth cultist seemed to be summoning some sort of creature. As Brenn approached the cultist asked Brenn a some sort of question. Brenn walked up to talk to him but instead he shrugged and answered with some aggressive negotiations with a flaming longsword.





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