Exploring The Great Sinkhole of Red Larch

Delvers and Believers

Templeton listened at both doors in the room (eastern and western wall). Templeton heard some voices beyond the western door, the opposite was silent. The dwarven statue was examined. The treasure included copper, silver, and gold coins and 8 gems. A well crafted dagger was also found. The ring of gravel carefully laid down around the treasure was purposefully kicked by Templeton. As he did so crossbow bolts fired out of the darkness from the northern passageway to strike him in the chest. He heard a voice from the darkness call out, ‘We are the bringer’s of woe’. Templeton went down on one knee gripping his chest and calling for help. Quintus moved forward and cast a healing spell on his friend. With strength renewed, Templeton ran forward and shut the door.


Everyone gathered around the door until it was opened again. This time bolts flew at Quintus but his armor protected him. Four bandits were chased through the tunnels in a game of cat and mouse. Three were slain and one was captured and tied up. Before he could be interrogated, Puck’s owl who had been left to guard the western door (the one with the voices) warned of the door opening. The party made its way quickly back through the long tunnel to the room with the dwarven statue but it was too late. Puck’s owl had been slain.

Kareep flew up and grasped Puck’s leather harness with his talons. He then flew down the passageway at high speed. This brought Puck to the battle much faster than his little legs could have carried him. There they found a huge half orc and three more bandits. The battle was viscous with Kareep taking a beating at one point and using his healing magic on himself. The half orc swung a huge mace very hard. But Puck’s magic made the difference. First he chilled him to the bone making the half orc attack with disadvantage. Then he shredded him with a Thunderwave spell.


Wanting another prisoner to interrogate and get answers, Templeton affixed a blunted bolt to his crossbow and used it to knock out the second to last bandit. The battle came down to one of the bandits remaining who chose to flee. But before he ran off he shot and killed his own unconscious ally. Quintus ran after the fleeing bandit with Templeton yelling ‘Take him alive!’ Quintus ran into the next room and came face to face with the bandit who had a scimitar to the throat of a small boy who was pinned under some rocks. The bandit threatened to kill the boy unless Quintus backed off.

Quintus lowered his sword and then yelled a command spell at the bandit to compel him to flee. The weak minded bandit fell prey to the spell. He dropped his scimitar and turned to flee. As he ran off a sharp thwack of Templeton’s crossbow sent a blunt bolt smashing into the back of the bandit’s head rendering him unconscious.

With the last of the enemies down and out, Kareep went back to collect the first prisoner that was left tied up. Templeton and Quintus removed the rocks pinning the young boy and freed him. He was scared of Quintus and was clearly beaten, hungry, and thirsty. Templeton Daltrey has a soft spot in his heart for cripples, bastards, and broken things so he took the young boy under his wing. Templeton gave the boy food, water, and a warm blanket to ward off the chill of the cold damp rock. Templeton’s silver tongue reassured the boy and got him to talk quite a bit about his predicament. The boy’s name was Braelen and he lived in Red Larch. He had failed to deliver a message for his father, Rother. As punishment Braelen was brought down here. The half orcs name was Grund. Grunf worked for Rother. Braelen described his father as a Believer.

It is unclear exactly what The Believers are but when pressed it seemed Braelen was loyal to them and wanted to aspire to be one and follow in his father’s footsteps despite his terrible treatment at his father’s hands. Braelen also identified the leader of the bandits as LaRock. The bandits all were wearing a symbol on their shirts under their armor which looked like a triangle with a line in it.


Braelen identified the symbol as belonging to LaRock. There was also an inscription on one of the stones that read:
Displease not the Delvers.

Meanwhile Kareep found the other captured bandit covered in rats. The poor man had been devoured by the foul vermin. His eyes were gouged out, his throat was torn open, and blood was everywhere. One of the rats even had his tongue in its mouth and was chewing on it.
In disgust, Kareep let fly one of his javelins and killed the rat. Protecting their own, the rats swarmed and attacked tearing out feathers and injuring Kareep greatly. The bird man cried out and flew away at top speed. Hearing his call for help, Quintus and Templeton left the boy under the watchful eye of Puck and went to go help Kareep. They found him a tangle of blood and feathers but he was whole. The rats had given up the chase and gone back to their easy meal of the bandit. Kareep used the last of his magic to heal his wounds and everyone returned to speak with the boy some more.

A short rest was taken where wounds were bound and Puck used his identify ritual to determine the properties of the enchanted dagger. Its name was Reszur. It was a +1 dagger that can shed dim light 10 feet on command. It also had the curious property of making no sound when struck against any object. Tapping it against the stone floor yielded no noise.



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