Hook Horror Swarm!

Templeton's Dead Again?

Quintus being possessed by the ghost of a duergar attacked the party. Brenn went toe to toe with him using the flat of his sword to try and knock him out and force the ghost to leave his friend’s body. Templeton fired some bolts from Sky Piercer and Puck cast some spells while Badding used Wind Vane. Quintus fought hard but was eventually brought down. The Duergar ghost emerged screaming some nonsense about the curse of the Bessilmir dwarves before Brenn ran him through with his flaming longsword.

In the center of the room was a large Crown with 7 spikes protruding from the top. Fearing the return of the specters that Quintus had turned, the party headed back the way they came to explore a different passageway. There they found a huge cavern filled with purple crystal.


Brenn walked through the crystals only to find them dizzying and disorienting. He suddenly stopped moving and became overwhelmed and confused just standing and staring into the myriad crystals. Quintus ran in after him and managed to withstand the strange effect of the crystal cave. He grabbed Brenn and dragged him out of the cave and he quickly regained his senses. Wanting to avoid this room, the party followed a different path and it led to a large cavern bisected by a long bridge.


The vast bottom of the cavern seemed to be empty of any creatures but a strange clicking and clacking sound could be heard. Badding and Puck flew across the bridge without any trouble. but when they landed on the other side, 2 galeb duhr rock creatures animated from the solid rock to attack them. Templeton ran across the bridge to lend his aid when 2 additional galeb duhr animated and rolled across the bridge, knocking him off down to the cavern floor below. Once he hit the floor, a swarm of hook horrors poured out of crevices in the rock to attack.


The swarm of hook horrors overwhelmed Templeton and he went down in a bloody mess of clicking and clacking hooks and claws of the heavily armored carapaces. Quintus fought his way next to the fallen Templeton, and cast a healing spell to bring him back up. Templeton used his gaseous form boon granted to him by The Revenant to float away down the hall. But when he solidified to fire his crossbow in battle, a huge form emerged from the rock to attack him. It was the earth elemental myrmidon from the adjacent room who had been attracted by the sounds of battle. With one mighty swing of his enormous fist, Templeton went down again.

Puck flew in action blasting the hook horrors apart with fireballs and vitriolic spheres. He then boldly strode towards the earth elemental myrmidon and with a wave of his hand cast a banishment to hurl the creature back to the elemental plane of earth. Quintus had been surrounded by the hook hoorors after helping Templeton. He was hurt badly, but instead of healing himself called upon Tempus to strike down his foes summoning a blade barrier. The swirling blades ripped the remaining hook horrors apart.

Brenn and Badding had each taken out the galeb duhr on top of the bridge. The fight had taken its toll. After the battle was won, the party retreated to their hiding hole made by Quintus and his Claws of the Umberhulk. During the rest, Puck identified the magic helmet as The Crown of 7 Spikes. Quintus claimed the crown and put it on his head.

Moving forward after the rest, the party encountered some earth cult members meditating by some crystal formations. A full attack was launched.


During the battle some reinforcements arrived in the form of 3 powerful bulettes.


All the bulletes and cultists were slain except for one who got away. but he was chased down to another room.




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