Interrogation Gone Awry

Brenn Buckmann rushed into the room and swung his longsword in a wide arc cutting deep into One-eyed Shiver. He then ducked and urged Templeton to fire upon him. Templeton obliged scoring a critical hit. The heavy crossbow bolt from Sky Piercer tore threw Shiver’s throat and spewed gore across the room. Brenn smiled at Templeton nodding his head at the impressive shot. But Shiver was not so easily put down, he put his hand to his throat and the blood seemed to freeze and stop flowing. He then turned his wicked gaze to Templeton and a bolt of icy cold erupted from his empty eye socket to strike him. Templeton shuddered as icy cold gripped him and froze him in place. The terrible cold hurt badly and prevented him from moving. One-Eyed Shiver then waved his hands and filled the room with the mist of a fog cloud spell.


There were 3 reavers and a dark tide knight in the room with Brenn and One-Eyed Shiver. One of the reavers slammed the door shut and held it fast. The others moved in to attack Brenn. Cut off from Brenn Puck ran down to get closer, as did Quintus, and Templeton just tried to move but could not power his way out of the restrained condition failing his strength save. Badding ran up and smashed open the door to to find Brenn cutting down One-Eyed Shiver. The fighter had used his action surge to attack 4 times and one of the attacks was a critical. With Shiver dead, the fog cloud lifted and the frozen restraint faded from Templeton freeing him at last. Badding ran into the room to join the fight.


Badding fought two reavers while Brenn fought a reaver and the dark tide knight. Puck lobbed in two fireballs and Templeton would fire sneak attacks into the room. the dark tide knight proved elusive. He managed to avoid most of the fire from the fireball and had an uncanny knack for dodging Templeton’s shots to minimize the damage. It was a hard fought fight but eventually the only one left was a bloodied dark tide knight. Templeton had called to capture him and Brenn obliged slapping him upside the head with the flat of his burning sword.

Templeton searched the bodies finding a pouch with 30 GP, 12 PP, 12 garnets worth 100 GP each and two potions. The Master Party Treasure List was updated. Desiring to make a safe house of a kind, Quintus got started using his Claws of the Umberhulk to burrow into the loose rock and create a new cave. Badding tried to conceal the entrance and Quintus stacked the bodies inside and covered them with loose rock. Brenn tied up the dark wave knight while Puck used his ritual magic to form a Leomund’s Tiny Hut to fill the newly made room.

After a short rest was complete. Badding gave the knight 1 HP of lay on hands to bring him to consciousness. Templeton from a hidden position cast a suggestion upon the prisoner that ‘we are trusted friends and to answer all of our questions truthfully and completely.’ Templeton then pleasantly asked him to introduce himself and got spat upon proving that the spell had not taken effect. Templeton tried playing good cop to Brenn’s bad cop but the zealot was clearly not going to cooperate. Templeton walked up and drew his dagger cross the throat of the prisoner and killed him. Badding was outraged and told the human that he did not approve of this treatment of a prisoner. Templeton pressed him on this asking him what difference it made? This cultist was clearly a zealot who was not going to cooperate. He was an evil man who would not change his ways. Badding was still very upset and threatened to not cast any healing magic upon Templeton. Templeton apologized in a way by saying that he was sorry they did not see eye to eye on the matter but then made a joke about not seeing eye to eye with anyone because of his height. Brenn laughed but Badding was not amused and continued to harbor a grudge.

Agreeing to move forward, Templeton led the way using his magic to take on the guise of One-Eyed Shiver using his disguise self spell. Templeton boldly walked through the complex. Some rooms were empty but they found one that was occupied.


Inside were 3 reavers and a priest resting. The priest fooled by the disguise asked what Templeton wanted. He replied using his acting feat ability to make his voice sound like One-Eyed Shiver and said, ‘I am looking for Gar Shatterkeel have you seen him?’ The priest looked annoyed and said, ’He’s in the temple, you know that.’ Templeton said, ‘right, well then carry on.’ and he left closing the door behind him. He then used his helm of Telepathy to read the surface thoughts of the reavers and the priest. He felt they were annoyed at the interruption but not alarmed in any way.


So the group went back to their hidy hole and Puck cast identify on the two previously found potions. They turned out to be Potions of Greater Healing. Brenn took one and Quintus the other.



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