New Blood

Hellos and Farewells...

The battle with the Fire Cultists in the dreaded inescapable hallway raged on. Kareep’s summoned Dire Wolves were slain by the cultists. But Puck laid down multiple Ice Storm spells freezing the hell hounds and Salamanders to death. Templeton was in a good potion around a corner laying down deadly fire from Sky Piercer. Kareep had been burned by hell hound breath, skewered by Hot Salamander Spears and shot by fiery bolts from the fire cultists. Kareep finally could take no more and collapsed from his wounds. Suddenly a swirling portal of light appeared next to him. A human in half plate with a sword and wooden shield leaped out followed by a huge Aarakocra in a shining breastplate wielding a large morning star. The Aarakocra screamed, grabbed Kareep’s unconscious body and hurled him through the portal which then suddenly swirled away to mist.



The human fighter and Aarakocra joined the battle on the side of the party and helped finish off the fire cultists. They fought well. Templeton thought he recognized the human. He was wearing Waterdavian clothing, but he couldn’t quite remember his name. The battle instantly turned against the fire cultists and the party won the day. After some quick healing and searching of the enemies, some introductions were in order.


Brenn Buckman told Templeton Daltrey that he had been sent here by his father Renton Daltrey. Renn produced a scroll with a hand written note with perfect lettering. Renn read the scroll aloud to the group and did so in a voice that sounded ominously familiar to Templeton.


I am glad to hear you are actually doing something with the little task I put you on, and not drunkenly chasing whores about the night houses for once. But of course, when I received word of your “progress,” I had no idea that your involvement would bring disaster on the little hamlet of Red Larch. SO very disappointing. At first I couldn’t believe it, a no nothing town being laid to waste like that, so I sent your courageous brother to bring me an honest full report. He brought me real information I could rely on and craft a strategy for my trade routes in that area. Upon his successful return and reading the report, I see the situation is far worse than you have led on. IF you want a seat at my table Templeton, you must provide great intel to help the cause. So, it is obvious you will need help, I am sending a trusted scout from one of my last triumphant military campaigns, Brenn Buckman. He has served me well and is very aware of the virtues of Daltrey loyalty. He will do his job so you can do yours. See to it he is paid handsomely for his work, 1,000 GP, because as you know very well, a Daltrey always pays their debts.

Do not continue to disappoint me,
Renton Daltrey

Templeton slapped his hand to his head and exclaimed in exasperation and defeat. He asked if anyone would like a drink, because he certainly needed one. Brenn took the drink of wine offered and drank heartily with Templeton. And in a token of good faith and fellowship, he ignited the blade of his magical flame tongue sword and burned Renton Daltery’s letter away to ash.

Everyone was also quite curious about this new Aarokocra, Badding. Badding explained that according to the Aarokocra, the Elders of the flock in the Star Mounts had a vision that one of their kind would be involved in ending the rise of Elemental Evil in the Dessarin Valley. Knowing of Kareep of Goldenfields, they had been scrying on the party for the last five days. Fearing for the worst they prepared their friend Brenn and one of their finest guardians Badding to intervene if necessary. When Kareep fell they invoked the power of their Deity, the Great Bird in the Sky, creating a portal to save Kareep and send Brenn and Badding to help put an end to the fire cultists.



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