Ropin' Gnomes

Somethings Gotten Into Quintus

When asked by Stonemelder to give an offering to the Xorn, Brenn Buckman smiled and said, ‘I have your offering right here.’ He drew his flaming longsword and shoved it into the earth cultists back and then spun around and slashed down into the Xorn for good measure.

‘No you fool!’ cried Stonemelder. ‘That is an emissary. We need to curry its favor.’

The rest of the party soon moved in and Stonemelder was cut down. The Xorn was also delivered a powerful beating. The creature managed to use its earthglide to move through the solid rock of the floor and disappear. It had either fled or was waiting for an opportune time to strike.

Templeton searched Stonemelder’s body to find a pouch with 2 gems worth 50 GP each. He also found a folded scroll. Quintus grabbed one of the gems out of Templeton’s hands and tossed it onto the ground. ‘Soo-eee!’, he yelled… ‘Soo-eee!’. But his pig call was in vain the Xorn did not re-appear.

Templeton scouted ahead and found a huge room with a river of mud. There were several passages to explore beyond the river, but the party circled back to the Xorn room and headed east. .


They tried sneaking though a large cavern with stalactites and stalagmites. Suddenly one of the columns of stone turned out to be a roper and attacked. Its nasty tentacle coiled around wee Puck and dragged the gnome into the creature’s gaping maw.


Templeton had a good shot on the creature from a hidden position and took full advantage with a wicked sneak attack shot. Brenn attacked the roper in melee and used his commander’s strike to give Templeton another shot. And again Templeton took advantage sending the heavy crossbow bolt deep into the creature’s soft fleshy area behind its teeth. Finally Puck, tired of being torn to shreds by the Roper’s teeth unleashed a firebolt that put the creature down. A thorough examination of the Roper’s lair yielded a magic ring of Swimming mixed in with many bones. Brenn donned the ring.


Further exploration beyond revealed another large room with a river of mud. But the party decided to circle back to a long passageway filled with bones. They were not surprised to find undead. Four specters and a ghost rose up out of the floor to attack.


Quintus was ready. He brandished his holy symbol and invoked the power of Tempus. The 4 specters were filled with terror at the site of this holy man and his devotion to the god of battle. But the ghost was not afraid. He spoke a warning of the dwarven curse of the Bessilmir dwarves, but it went unheeded as Quintus pushed forward to lay some blessings upon him with his greatsword.


But the ghost unleashed its horrific gaze and went right inside the body of Quintus.


It was clear that the creature was now in control of Quintus’ mind and body. He turned to attack the party. Badding cast dispel magic in an effort to push the undead creature out of Quintus’ body. But it failed to remove the possessing spirit.

Brenn approached cautiously. As he gripped his sword he said grimly to Quintus, ‘Sorry lad… This is just the way its gotta be if you are to be free of that thing inside you.’




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