The Bandit Camps

With his help assembled and hired, Templeton Daltrey set forth with Quintus Andronicus, Puck, and Kareep of Goldenfields to track down and deal with the The Bandits of Dessarim Valley. Templeton and Puck shared Templeton’s horse while Quintus walked alongside. Kareep flew on high making himself look like a buzzard. The group moved along the Cairn road towards the two locations Constable Harbruck had indicated on our map of where The Bandits of Dessarim Valley were hiding out.

It wasn’t long before Kareep warned them that they were getting close. Templeton tied his horse to a tree and held the others back as he snuck up to have a look. He found a an empty camp with a fire still burning. There was a large wagon with a cage on it. Inside the cage was a black bear who looked as though he had been beaten and mistreated by the bandits. Templeton also caught site of at least one human hiding and laying in wait. Assuming they must have heard the clang of Quintus’ plate mail armor, he snuck back down the trail to the group.

Quintus made no attempt to sneak he just hiked right up to the camp while everyone else sneaked up around him. Coming into the camp, Quintus yelled out, “Hail camp, I am a traveller looking for a warm fire to rest and share some game.” In response a flurry of crossbow bolts file at Quintus. Most of them ricocheted off of his plate mail armor. But one found its mark, biting into his flesh.

Quintus moved forward, drawing his huge two handed sword and cast two spells. One enhanced his armor. Another healed his wounds. From his hiding spot, Templeton had a shot at one of the bandits. He drew both his hand crossbows and moved into position he aimed left catching a bandit in the eye with a sneak attack. He went down hard blood pouring from his head. He fired the right hand at another bandit and the bolt found its mark in his side causing him to curse and yank out the bolt.

Kareep swooped out of the sky and hit a bandit with his lance, killing him. Puck unleashed a scorching Ray to severely burn a bandit. Another flurry of bolts struck at Quintus but all could not penetrate his tough armor. A couple bolts flew at Templeton who was now exposed, but he managed to dodge out of the way.

With all the noise of battle, the black bear in the cage was really riled up and smashed into the door of his cage. The bolt finally gave way and the bear leaped free off the wagon. He ran in a random direction which brought him right towards Templeton. It looked like the bear was going to run him down when suddenly the huge sword of Quintus sliced down to cleave the bear in two. The bloody mess landed at the feet of Templeton and the Waterdavian noble quickly thanked the huge man knowing he had spent his coin wisely in hiring him as help.

Just then the bandit captain broke from behind cover and charged in to go toe to toe with Quintus. The captain was able to unleash three attacks per round and viscously cut deep into Quintus. The party responded with a fly by lance attack by Kareep, a heavy crossbow bolt sneak attack by Templeton, and a magic missile by Puck. Despite that onslaught and a nice hit from Quintus, the bandit chief fought on.

He took three swings at Quintus again and this time managed to cut down the cleric of Tempus. With the brave cleric bleeding to death, Puck blasted the bandit chief with a fire bolt, Templeton hit him with two hand crossbow shots – one from each hand as he dove behind cover from the other bandits crossbows. Kareep finally swooped in to deal the death blow with his lance. The captain had been very tough but he finally went down. The remaining bandit turned tail and ran. But Puck managed to blast him with a fire bolt and burn his very head from his shoulders. Dead men tell no tales.

Kareep flew over to Quintus and bound his wounds. He dragged the huge unconscious man over to fire to rest. His wounds were deep but he would heal with some rest. Templeton did a search of the area and found a small cave which had some trash and a treasure stash. Not wanting to get his hands dirty and honestly not knowing how to dress a bear, Templeton asked Puck and Kareep if they could do the honors. Neither of them knew how either so they left the bear carcass where it lay. But they did round up all the stolen goods and bandit gear and filled up the cage wagon.

After an hour of rest, Quintus came too. He groggily rubbed his face as Templeton explained what had happened. Hungry, Quintus went over and dressed out the bear. He also tossed the bandit bodies into the cave. Quintus cooked the bear meat much to the delight of Templeton. His investment in Quintus was paying big dividends.

Puck’s owl familiar used his dark vision to stand guard while everyone else slept by the fire. The evening passed without incident. In the morning, everyone was healed and refreshed. They hitched Templeton’s horse to the wagon and set off for the other bandit camp along the cairn road. They found the hideout but it was deserted. A careful search by Remoleton found a small chest hidden away under a huge rock. Quintus easily moved the rock and Templeton plucked out the chest. He examined it for traps and found a poison needle trap. After disabling the trap, he picked the lock and opened th chest. Inside were 2 black pearls worth 50 go each and a potion.

Puck cast detect magic over all the gear gathered so far. It turned out only the potion was magical. Puck cast identify and discovered it was a potion of healing. The potion was given to Kareep with th understanding that he would most easily be able to get to a fallen comrades side should they need the healing.

The party then returned back to Red Larch and Kareep and Puck got their reward from Constable Harbruck for defeating the bandits. The wagon and all the stolen gear and goods were sold off yielding 50 gold coins for the lot.

Master Party Treasure List



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