Djinni bound to magic horn


Muscular looking humanoid with drab cutoff pants and an old tattered vest.


The party first encountered Ahtayir in a section of The Air Cult Temple. Thinking him a cult member, the party attacked. They soon recognized him as a Djinni and realized their mistake. They managed to make amends and speak with the Djinn. In discussions with him they discovered that he is bound to a magical horn. He was summoned long ago by Torhild Flametongue, king of the Besilmer dwarves. Torhild used Ahtayir to build much of the dwarven stronghold. The Dwarven King was kind to Ahtayir and never asked too much of him. He was happy to help the Besilmer dwarves. But that was long ago. Now the enchanted horn has a new owner – Aerisi Kalinoth, the elven woman who now rules the air cult temple and rules as Queen.

Aerisi has commanded Ahtayir to rebuild the entire Besilmer empire to its former glory, a task he thinks will take thousands of years. The djinn is not fond of his new mistress and hopes to be free of her.

The party was battling Aerisi and her followers when she blew the horn to summon the Djinn. She commanded him to fight the intruders. The clever aarokokra, Kareep, twisted her words to mean Aerisi’s followers and not us. This ruse lasted for only a while until Ahtayir was forced to comply. But during the battle Puck managed to blow the horn and gain mastery of the Djinn. Puck then destroyed the magic horn and freed Ahtayir from being bound to service.

Ahytayir was so grateful that he fought against Aerisi, his former mistress and subdued her invisible stalker which had been launching devastating attacks against Templeton. Ahtayir helped sway the battle with Aerisi by returning home to the elemental plane of air and bringing the invisible stalker with him.

Later after an extended rest, the party found 4 flasks of bottled breath that they suspect are a gift from the free Djinn.


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