Constable Harbruck

The Butcher and The Constable of Red Larch


Harbruck is The Butcher and The Constable of Red Larch.


Harbruck owns a small stone building with a painted sign of a ham being carved by a cleaver. He runs a butcher business with a couple of assistants and his wife in the town of Red Larch. He is the only law man in town. Harbruck is concerned about the bandits in the area but doesn’t have the time to leave Red Larch to investigate it. He has given Templeton Daltrey his blessing to investigate the bandits and described two likely locations of their hideout.

Puck and Kareep of Goldenfields also met independently with Harbruck and got him to designate the possible bandit hideout locations on a map of Kareeps. The bandits were delt with and the party was rewarded by the constable.

After Exploring The Great Sinkhole of Red Larch the party presented the evidence against the town elders to the constable. He was told of The Believers and explained that he would investigate the elders himself and for the party to give him the space to do so.

Constable Harbruck

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