Jolliver Grimjaw

Wereboar - deceased


Human turned Wereboar


This human was met in the keep along the Dessarin River that the party tracked the caravan assault to. The party witnessed him change into a wereboar hybrid and in one round of attacks laid Quintus low. Most weapon attacks were harmlessly turned aside on his enchanted hide but Templeton discovered that silvered weapons were quite effective. His silvered bolts from his crossbow bit deep into Jolliver’s hide.


During the fight with Jolliver he managed to take out both Quintus and Templeton with his viscous attacks. Finally we was slain by Puck’s Aganazzer’s Scorcher spell.

Jolliver had a book and and key in his possession. Rather than an actual book it seemed to be a binder of all sorts of papers thrown together with little organization. A few things of interest were in the binder. There was a document describing members of the party as troublemakers to look out for. There were some shipping manifests and caravan inventories. It seems as though Jolliver and his men were robbing caravans but there was no definitive evidence linking them to the dwarven caravan the party was looking for.

The key on his person unlocked an iron door at the bottom of a secret door that led to an underground river guarded by 10 ghasts.

Jolliver Grimjaw

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